When it comes to irrigation systems, it’s important to be aware of potential water wasters that are associated. There are 4 major water wasters when it comes to irrigation systems, or the lack thereof. Find out more in-depth about how these issues contribute to water waste and also how they can affect your lawn by reading below.


 Achievement Unlocked: Best-Looking Lawn

Everyone in their neighborhood strives to have the best-looking lawn possible. However, when outdated irrigation systems are in place, this can result in runoff or pooling. Not only does this inhibit your lawn’s potential beauty but also wastes water in the process. With the help of Heinen, you don’t have to worry about your lawn experiencing aesthetic issues or water being wasted due to degraded irrigation systems.


Giving Your Lawn the Attention it Deserves

One concern homeowners may have with watering their lawn is wondering if each section of your lawn is receiving the correct amount of water. From time to time, you may experience water being wasted, which can be caused from improper system design or poor application. However, when it comes to Heinen’s services, you don’t have to worry about inefficient distribution!


A Benefit of Irrigation Controllers

The beauty of irrigation controllers is that they determine the correct amount of water to be used based on the landscape of the home. The entire goal is to make life less stressful, not add more to it! Irrigation controllers are only as effective as they are up to date. In order to prevent water from being wasted from faulty or outdated controllers, Heinen can help minimize water waste and will ensure your lawn is in good shape.


The Importance of Alignment for Sprinklers

Attention to detail is important especially in irrigation systems. It’s critical for each sprinkler to be evenly spaced because this ensures the lawn is being covered with the correct amount of water. An example of a situation when sprinklers are not positioned correctly occurs when one sprinkler head overlaps another sprinkler head. An excessive amount of water isn’t helpful for any lawn. Luckily, Heinen can help combat this issue.  The experts at Heinen are aware of how your sprinklers should be positioned in order to achieve a successfully covered lawn using the correct amount of water.


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