Automated sprinkler systems are complex, with many components working to bring your lawn the exact right amount of hydration. When considering the installation of a new system, chances are you may have quite a few questions! Keep reading as Heinen’s irrigation pros answer the most commonly asked questions about automatic underground sprinkler systems.


Heinen Irrigation

An automated underground sprinkler system takes the guesswork out of watering your lawn and landscape.

1. What are the benefits of an irrigation system?

Automated irrigation systems provide a wide range of benefits that help keep your home’s landscaping healthy with minimal work on your part. A professionally designed and installed hydration system will save time, conserve water, keep plant life and grass healthy –and even save money on your water bill!

Let’s face it, manually watering your lawn and plants with a garden hose takes up hours of time you could be using for other activities. Plus, when watering by hand or with a hose and sprinkler, it’s more than a little difficult to monitor how much water you are using on each area of your lawn. An automated sprinkler system delivers just the right amount of irrigation for each zone, wasting minimal water and saving money on your water bill each month!

2. How long do sprinkler systems last?

The average home sprinkler system lasts around 20 years, but, with regular care and maintenance, a professionally-designed and installed irrigation system from Heinen can last a lifetime. Heinen closely inspects each system component for wear and tear at both spring startup and at winter shutdown. Systems that do not receive regular maintenance checks have a much higher likelihood of breakdown or complete failure. Irrigation system components – like nozzles, sprayers, and valves – should be checked frequently to be certain they’re functioning properly. And, entire underground pipe system should be checked for leaks annually.

The irrigation specialists at Heinen use top-of-the-line sprinkler components from trusted manufacturers – including Hunter, Rain Bird, and Rachio. These brands produce quality parts that not only ensure efficiency but are also extremely durable and, with regular maintenance, will keep your system in peak performance for decades.

3. Will an automated sprinkler system use more water than watering with a hose and sprinkler?

An automated sprinkler system generally will not use more water than watering by hand. Today’s automated systems combine innovative components with advanced technology to calculate and deliver the exact right amount of water needed without waste. New nozzles and sprayers are designed to disperse water in a specific fashion so water is not wasted as run-off or blown away by the wind. They guarantee water will go straight to the roots of the grass or plants within the intended irrigation zone. Plus, there is no danger of turning on a sprinkler and then forgetting and leaving it on overnight – completely overwatering one area while missing another area completely.

Heinen’s team of sprinkler installers use specific nozzles to direct water toward the roots of shrubs.

4. What are irrigation zones?

When Heinen irrigation professionals design sprinkler systems, they divide the property up into zones. Zones are determined by size, shape, plant type, soil type, and sun exposure. Creating zones allows the sprinkler installers to choose the right type of sprayers and nozzles to water the zone most effectively and efficiently. For example, a flower bed along the side of your home will need water delivered low to the ground, so as not to land on the leaves of the plants. They are calibrated on installation to only spray within the bed – not on the side of the house or the driveway or sidewalk.

5. Are automated sprinkler systems difficult to operate?

Automated sprinkler systems are extremely easy to operate and require little attention from the homeowner, especially when installed along with a wi-fi-enabled controller. These advanced controllers allow you to make adjustments to your watering schedule directly from your mobile phone (perhaps after planting a new bed of flowers).  The controllers are equipped with advanced communication technology allowing direct access to the National Weather Service’s extensive network of monitoring stations that gather hyper-local weather conditions – sometimes down to the city block level. This data is collected and analyzed in real-time to determine optimal watering schedule adjustments.  Advanced sensors within the control system can also detect soil moisture levels as well as assist in detecting any leaks or system malfunctions.

There’s a lot to know about automated sprinkler systems, but the irrigation specialists at Heinen are true professionals with decades of experience. They have the know-how, the expertise, and the real-world experience to design, configure and install the perfect system for your property, along with programming a watering schedule designed for your unique conditions and seasonal changes – all to ensure your grass and landscape stay perfectly hydrated all year long.

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