One of the best ways to protect your lawn from the often sweltering and fluctuating Kansas City heat is to stay prepared with an irrigation system. Making sure your lawn can withstand the long, hot KC summers is a year-round task. Of course, there are steps and measures to take during specific seasons, but overall maintenance should be a priority all year.  It’s not too late to start preparing your lawn for next year before the fall and winter months! Late summer leading into fall is actually the best time to start preparing for your lawn for next spring and summer. Here are 5 reasons you should consider a highly intuitive irrigation system from Heinen:


1. Prevent Dry Grass and Dead Spots
One of the tell-tale signs of an improperly cared for lawn are dead spots throughout. Dead spots are the result of uneven water distribution and can be easily irradicated with a properly installed irrigation system. With varying temperatures like those in the Kansas City area, it is important that the entire lawn is thoroughly watered. The irrigation experts at Heinen can set up an irrigation that is easy to use and intuitive enough to properly water areas based on time of day, amount of predicted future rain, and soil saturation.


2. Green with envy of neighbors
Just as important as it is to avoid being the ugliest house on the block, it is equally as important to have one of the greenest, healthiest yards. The difference between the neighbor who labors away at their lawn, day in and day out and the neighbor who simply mows every so often. With an expertly installed irrigation system from Heinen, you never have to worry about dry grass again!


3. Better Now than Never
You may not know it, but as summer winds down, your soil is at an ideal temperature for irrigation system installation. There are ways to set yourself up now so that your best lawn’s best days are ahead! What may be obvious is that winter may not be the best time to install anything in the ground. It’s best not to wait until winter when the ground is frozen, and it becomes difficult to dig pipes into the soil.


4. Smart Work
Take the guess work out of your watering routine and install an irrigation system to do all the hard work. With the many new technologies provided by Heinen, it has never been easier to take care of your lawn. Weather sensors keep track of when there is rain in the forecast and will prevent you from being THAT neighbor, watering their lawn during a rainstorm. In addition to weather monitors set to the radius of your home, there are smart apps that are included so you can control your system while you are away. You can be in control without all of the work!


5. In the Zone
Irrigation systems are divided into areas called zones; each zone is designed to water separate areas with very specific amounts of water and ideal times of day for watering. For example, you would want flowering plants, shrubs, and trees all on separate zones as the amount and the frequency of watering varies for each. If all of these types of plants were in the same zone, some plants would be over-watered while others would be under-watered. Establishing irrigation zones allows your irrigation system to be programmed accurately and efficiently. This ability to release precise amounts of water in hyper-targeted areas further promotes water conservation.


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