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The Secret to a Lush Lawn? Proper Irrigation!

Maintaining a lush lawn and healthy trees, shrubs and other plantings is not an easy feat, especially here in the Midwest where the weather and temperature vary – often by day of the week. The primary ingredient in ensuring the health of your landscaping is proper irrigation. And the easiest and surest way to maintain proper landscape irrigation is an automated underground sprinkler system. Check out the top 5 advantages of a quality automated underground sprinkler system and how beneficial a system is for Kansas City lawns!

Watering Routines Take Time – And Are Difficult to Maintain

According to a recent American Time Use Survey, the average American spends over 70 hours a year on lawn care! A great deal of that time for many homeowners involves the constant cycle of dragging out the hose, setting up the sprinkler, turning on the water, moving the sprinkler around the lawn multiple times, and then packing it all up again. This repetitive hose-and-sprinkler watering routine can be monotonous and, while many homeowners start strong in the spring, when the dog days of summer approach they often end up abandoning their watering routine – leaving lawn health to the mercy of unpredictable weather patterns.

The solution to the watering burn-out problem? An automated sprinkler system! Once installed and operational, all the wasted hose dragging time is returned to you – immediately! No more breaking up the day’s activities moving the hose around every half hour. (Just imagine what you could do with those extra 70 hours a year!)

Heinen Irrigation Sprinkler Systems

Automated Sprinkler Systems with zoned irrigation take the labor and the guess work out of lawn care.

Eliminate Over- and Under-watering

It can be difficult to precisely determine how much water each area of your property needs – and many factors come into play. For example: where does water naturally drain? Does it pool – or run right down a slope toward your foundation? What is the soil type – absorbent topsoil, or clay or rocky conditions just below the surface? What type of plants do you have in the various areas of your yard – large trees with water-greedy roots? Delicate flowers that flood easily? Shrubs that need water high atop the plant? Vast open lawn areas where the blazing sun quickly evaporates new moisture – almost as soon as it meets the thirsty blades of grass?

One of the greatest fails of hose and sprinkler watering is inadvertently leaving the hose in one place too long – sometimes over night! With manual watering it’s easy to forget the sprinkler is running – then, presto: you now have a large flooded section of your property, while other areas of your lawn are burned and browned by the sun. All the while the water company rings up charges for the wasted running water.

The solution to over- and under-watering? An automated watering system! Modern irrigation systems water one zone at a time. And, since each section of your property may have its own unique irrigation needs, individual zones can be easily programmed to provide each lawn area with exactly the right amount of water needed for the plantings within that zone. Imagine, no more soggy, overwatered areas of your property – and no more dry, dead spots either. Your whole yard will receive exactly the right amount of hydration based on the composition of the individual watering zones.

Best Irrigation Companies KC - Rachio and Heinen

Rachio Irrigation System Controller and Smartphone App.

Wallet-Friendly, Eco-Friendly

Thanks to the advanced technology available within modern sprinkler systems, wasting water (and wasted money on excessive water bills) has become a thing of the past. Smart irrigation system controllers, like the smart control systems from Rachio, not only closely monitor how much water each zone of your yard is receiving from your sprinkler system, but they also monitor environmental conditions that affect the hydration of your lawn.

Since Rachio irrigation control systems are connected by internet to the National Weather Service they have minute-by-minute information on local conditions from the NWS weather monitoring station closest to your address. Thanks to this technology, the Rachio controller knows to skip a watering if local rain conditions have provided enough irrigation to meet your property’s irrigation needs. Likewise, if a spotty rain-shower has missed your part of town, the system knows to apply the precise amount of water needed for your yard. No more sprinklers watering during a rainstorm – and no more excess water-bills because of leaving the hose on overnight.

To date Rachio control systems have saved over 35 billion gallons of water for their users! This means those users water bills have dropped significantly as well. On the average, a Rachio controller saves homeowners 30-50% on their monthly watering bills.

Rachio from Heinen Landscape

Example screen from a Rachio Rain-Skip notification.

Simple Fingertip Access to Irrigation System Controls

Today, complete control of your irrigation system has never been simpler with innovative irrigation controller system applications that put the power to alter your irrigation plan in the palm of your hand – as close as your smartphone mobile device.

With a Rachio controller, you’re not only able to make adjustments to the amount and frequency of watering, you’ll also have access to advanced tracking metrics. The Rachio app is connected by w-fi to your irrigation control system – allowing it to calculate your water usage by month, day, and zone while also providing useful suggestions to improve your lawn’s health – saving even more money. And, when the Rachio control system skips a watering based on local weather conditions, you’ll receive an immediate notification telling you why it skipped the scheduled watering – and also the amount of water saved by doing so.

Boost Your Property Value When you Sell

An automated underground watering system helps increase the value of your home in two different ways. First, beautifully maintained landscaping is essential to great home curb appeal. A green lawn and healthy plants gives potential buyers a great first impression when they arrive to tour your home.

Second, a professionally installed automated sprinkler system with a smart controller is an exceptional selling point when potential buyers are considering the amenities included with your home. It’s a money-saving added bonus they may not have realized they desired in a new home – and, it’s an amenity that might encourage a buyer to make an even better offer!

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