Self-improvement is a goal for many as December relents to January’s new beginnings. Home-improvement has been high on the list for many families as working from home has become the norm for many of us. Kickstarting your home landscape this winter to prepare for spring may be one of the most beneficial improvements that can be made to your home. 

This year, why not prepare for success early and truly maximize your family’s enjoyment of your home’s outdoor green spaces by upgrading one of its essential components: Irrigation. Installing an automatic sprinkler system will help you make of your property’s version of the great outdoors. 

Need a little coaxing? Consider the following five reasons why an underground sprinkler system may be just the right home improvement choice!

Your Time = Valuable Time 

  • Maintaining a healthy lawn is not only challenging but can also be quite laborious. If you have an older irrigation system, you already know how an outdated sprinkler system can be more frustrating than beneficial. Devoting time to irrigation system upkeep – thanks to faulty or failing watering components – can be a tremendous time-waster. Investing in a new system will free up countless weekend hours spent chasing parts and service techs – allowing more time for doing anything you enjoy – including spending time with your family enjoying your outdoor area rather than slaving over it.

Oversaturation Causes Serious Plant Damage

  • With the hose and sprinkler method, it’s just as easy to overwater your lawn as it is to underwater. (After all, who hasn’t left their sprinkler running in the same place for hours on end – or even overnight? It’s hard to remember when it needs to be moved!) An automatic sprinkler system offers the convenience of specific on and off cycles with precision sprinkler heads calibrated for every zone of your property’s plant areas. The result: No more stressing about potential damage to plant roots – and even mold growth from an oversaturated lawn.

Save on Your Water Bill

  • Underground watering systems offer the capabilities to adjust water volume for each targeted zone of your property. Shady or sunny conditions can affect your plants’ need for more or less water – from grassy areas, to flower beds, to shrub-rows and even your trees. By actively programming your property’s landscape characteristics in a zoned fashion, more or less water may be applied to reach just the right saturation point – not too much, not too little.

New Controllers Fit Your Lifestyle

  • Today’s irrigation system controllers can significantly improve your irrigation system’s performance. The Rachio Sprinkler Wi-Fi Controller is one of the easiest solutions to take control of your irrigation system – from the palm of your hand – thanks to Rachio’s smartphone irrigation system control app. The Rachio sprinkler control system automatically adjusts watering times based on hyper-local weather conditions.

It may be pouring rain in Fairway, Mission Hills, Roeland Park, or Old Leawood, but your lawn in Brookside might need a cool drink of water. Fortunately, Rachio utilizes Weather Intelligence™ Plus tracking real-time data from the National Weather Service reporting station nearest your property and adjusts watering times accordingly. Your system automatically makes adjustments and waters only as needed – forever say goodbye to accidental watering during a downpour!

Technology Provides Convenience

  • Lawn irrigation is at your fingertips with mobile app technology. Just mowed the lawn? Use your smartphone to adjust the watering schedule and give your fresh mow a refreshing drink of water. Rachio controllers utilize app-guided features that allow for quick manual sprinkler control direct from your smartphone. Zone customization can be made by plant, soil type, sun exposure and slope – and precision spray-heads offer further watering customization. The future of irrigation is here – say goodbye to hose dragging forever!

Ready to Get Growing? There’s no time like the present to achieve your New Year’s goal of attaining the perfect lawn. You can count on the Irrigation Pros at Heinen Landscape and Irrigation to ensure your property gets the best irrigation system based on your specific landscape profile. And, since Kansas City winters offer several warm days (between bouts of bitter cold!), if you have timing flexibility for installation, Heinen will provide a discount when you book your irrigation install over the winter. Contact Debbie at Heinen today at (913) 432-5011 for a no-obligation estimate – mention this article for savings!