If the thought of dragging a heavy garden hose all over your yard is dragging you down, let Heinen Landscape take over and give your yard the expert attention it deserves.

With a professionally installed irrigation system, your lawn, trees, shrubs, and colorful flowers will flourish, keeping your landscape looking beautiful no matter Kansas City’s precipitation outlook. The value of your home will be enhanced, and the investment you’ve made in your home’s curb appeal will always be protected.

You doHeinen Sprinkler Systemn’t need to spend another minute of your valuable time watering your lawn. Your Heinen irrigation system will do the watering for you – and may even save you money! Heinen’s custom automatic sprinkler system is designed to exacting standards to best suit your property and automatically provides your yard just the right amount of water it needs in each section of your yard. No more pools of water from accidently leaving the sprinkler on too long – which means no wasting water!

Heinen uses only the most innovative, reliable, and highest quality products available. Providing the most water-efficient irrigation products for a beautiful, lush landscape that lasts for years to come. Heinen has all of the necessary products needed for any well-designed irrigation system and are committed to generating the newest solutions to save you water and energy.

Your landscape reflects the pride you take in your home and your neighborhood. With an automatic sprinkler system professionally designed and installed by Heinen, you won’t have to worry about keeping your landscape beautiful – it will do the work for you! Contact Heinen today for a complimentary no obligation estimate!

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