Recent 60-degree days are a sure sign that spring is around the corner. Beat the late-March madness of sprinkler start-up, inspection and servicing by scheduling now! Don’t wait for blooming flowers to activate your system, this past winter’s drought-like conditions in Kansas City mean your lawn, shrubs, trees and plants are thirsty.

Beat the rush, there’s no time like the present – and if Kansas City happens to get another freeze, your system won’t be damaged when you’re in Heinen Landscape’s hands! Not only will our Heinen Landscape and Irrigation professionals turn your sprinkler system on, we’ll make any needed adjustments to heads, check for leaks, and take care of any zone or coverage issues.

And while you’re at it, you might want to consider upgrading your system with a Rachio controller! This state of the art irrigation system controller lets you control your sprinklers directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Whether you’re at work across town or summering under ocean-side palm trees, you’ll have irrigation control at your fingertips.

Once Heinen installs your new controller and downloads the Rachio app, you’ll have full access to your sprinkler system. The Rachio app has a variety of high tech technology features, including a connects with the nearest local National Weather Service station and will adjust you watering schedule automatically. If an April shower emerges in your neighborhood, it won’t be your sprinkler that floods your lawn with excess H2O.

This state of the art controller also allows you to easily adjust irrigation duration on a zone-by-zone basis ensuring your lawn, shrubs, flowerbeds, trees and other plantings get the perfect amount of water without wasting water – and your budget. In fact, a Rachio controller will help you save money on irrigation and have your best lawn ever. Controlled by Wi-Fi connection to your sprinkler control box, this best-in-class technology means you’ll never again need to retreat to the garage or basement to adjust your lawn irrigation schedule – it’s all in the palm of your hand!

Don’t wait, be first up this spring, just give Heinen Landscape and Irrigation a call to schedule your sprinkler start up, inspection or upgrade. Or, if your property is still in need of an irrigation system, it’s never too early to schedule your installation. Just Call Debbie at (913) 432-5011 and she’ll plan a no-obligation consultation with one of Heinen’s Irrigation Specialists before spring has officially sprung!