Multiple Intricate Parts Working in Unison = A High Performance Irrigation System

Underground sprinklers are complex systems that rely on the performance of multiple intricate parts working in unison to effectively water your lawn. Let’s take a look at two small radius sprinkler head options from Hunter Industries that the irrigation pros at Heinen choose as their top picks for the best-in-class sprinkler systems they design and install.

Why do I need more than one type of sprinkler head?

Efficient automated irrigation systems are definitely not one-size-fits-all. Each must be customized to adequately irrigate each section of the property where they are installed. To properly identify how much water a certain area of a property needs, irrigation professionals divide homeowners’ yards into zones. Each zone will has its own specific watering needs based on a number of different factors, including plant types, soil type, sun exposure, grade, elevation, and so on. Once a zone’s watering needs are established, it’s time to decide what type of sprinkler head best meets the irrigation needs of that zone– without over or under-watering.

Small to medium size zones require sprinkler heads that won’t throw water too far – but still maintain the needed water pressure. Being able to balance these two factors (watering distance and pressure) is essential to proper landscape hydration (and not wasting water – which provides the added bonus of saving money on your monthly water bill!).

Interior view of the Hunter Pro-Spray

The Go-To Sprinkler Head  – Hunter Pro-Spray

The Pro-Spray Sprinkler from Hunter Industries is Heinen’s Standard choice for small radius heads because of its rugged durability and user-friendly features. The Pro-Spray is manufactured with a multi-thread buttress design that can withstand even the harshest conditions and features body ribs for increased stability in all soil types. Thanks to the co-molded construction of the durable ABS plastic and a soft-flex seal, these sprayers are tough enough to withstand surges in water pressure and the high velocity pressure of  years and years of annual winterizations.

The innovative no flow-by design of the multi-function wiper seal means you won’t have to worry about unseen leakages and also allows the sprayers to be adjusted during operation. The unique pressure-activated design of these seals is key to blocking debris from entering the sprayer while it is retracted. Additionally, the Pro-Spray also has an incredibly heavy-duty spring that ensures positive retraction each and every time.

The Hunter Pro-Spray is a top pick among irrigation professionals – augmented by its flexibility in use as the Pro-Spray is compatible with all industry-standard female nozzles (including those manufactured by Hunter) and also comes in a variety of sizes to fit most any application.

The Hunter MP Rotator

Heinen Preferred Choice – The Hunter MP Rotator

For even higher-quality sprinkler head performance, the irrigation professionals at Heinen trust the Hunter MP Rotator. The MP Rotator has extended the scope of what an automated sprinkler system can accomplish, and with 13 different size options, it’s perfect for most any zone configuration.

MP Rotators can attach to any spray head body made by Hunter and, once installed, they effectively convert the sprayers into more efficient, low-precipitation sprinklers – saving 30% more water. This is achieved by delivering multiple streams of water at a steady rate. The slower dispersion of water allows full soil soakage and even distribution. In fact, many cities and municipalities have specifically recognized the MP Rotators for their impressive water-saving capabilities. And when you are saving water, you not only help the planet, you lower your water bill as well.

MP Rotators’ immense range and reasonable cost not only make then excellent for creating highly-efficient all new irrigation system installs, but they’re also an excellent solution for old systems that suffer from low-pressure or poor coverage issues!

Sprinkler Systems Working at Peak Performance

With an irrigation system built with high-quality, durable components, you’re well down the path to a lush and beautiful version of your own great outdoors. And, with quality irrigation system components like the Hunter Pro-Spray and Hunter MP Rotators, you can trust that your system performs at its best for years to come – with fewer repair costs and lower water bills.

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