Which large radius sprinkler heads provide the most power to cover your lawn and save water? Check out top picks from the irrigation pros at Heinen!

The Hunter PGJ Rotor

The Hunter PGJ Rotor

The Hunter PGJ Rotor is an excellent large radius sprinkler head known for its durability and its powerful spray – all wrapped up in a small and compact body. The radius range expands from 15’-34’ with a convenient adjustable arc of 40° – 360°. Modifying the arc is simple and easy as well. All that’s needed is a special Hunter adjustment wrench – or even just a common flat-blade screwdriver. Each sprinkler head also comes with durable drain check valves, which prevents lines from draining when the system is off. This not only saves water, it also increases the overall life of your irrigation system.

Are low-pressure areas causing coverage-area issues? Heinen can replace your older, inefficient sprinkler heads with the Hunter PGJ – and, not to worry, they also work well in low-pressure systems while still providing reliable volume and distance coverage. What’s more, Hunter PGJ Rotors work as well for vast grassy stretches as they do for shrubs and ground cover plants.

The Hunter PGP Ultra Rotor

The Hunter PGP Ultra Rotor

For an even more powerful large radius sprinkler rotor – with decades of research behind each and every one of its many features – the irrigation pros at Heinen like the Hunter PGP Ultra Rotor. It’s essentially a souped-up version of the sprinkler head that put Hunter Industries on the map 30 years ago. Extensive studies and lab tests have helped Hunter create a dynamo of a sprinkler head with unsurpassed reliability, durability, versatility – all at a good value.

Two of the Hunter PGP Ultra’s top features that make it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications are its non-strippable drive and its automatic arc return. The non-strippable drive means that manually turning the sprinkler head to adjust its range will not cause damage to the head; and the automatic arc return brings your sprinkler back to the preferred coverage arc – even if it is bumped, or intentionally twisted. These features also work as excellent vandal protection for your system – – which can be a game changer for remote commercial installations. Of course, you can still easily make intentional adjustments to the arc (which spans from 50° – 360°), with the Hunter wrench or a flat-blade screwdriver.

The Hunter PGP Ultra is also the ultimate choice for the most flexible customization of a system. In a time when supply chain issues make parts hard to get, having a single sprinkler head that suits numerous types of zones and a broad set of watering needs is essential. What’s more, there are 34 different rotor nozzles to choose from to calibrate ideal water-flow and to accommodate watering radiuses from 17 feet all the way up to 46 feet.

The Hunter MP Rotator Nozzle

Another great option – the Hunter MP Rotators!

Hunter MP Rotators are a great option for those who are looking for high-efficiency without having to install rotor sprinklers. These nozzles can be retrofit onto most traditional sprayers and pop-up sprinkler heads  – providing tremendous customization abilities without overcomplicating an older system.

Another benefit, Hunter MP Rotators can be matched to the soil intake rate of your property – eliminating costly run-off. And, thee MP Rotators low-precipitation spray ensures even water distribution while saving water and preventing soil erosion. If your existing system struggles with low-pressure issues, the MP Rotators are an excellent to combat the problem. What’s more, they’re theses rotors are also wind-resistant and anti-misting – both excellent features when it comes to better water conservation. In fact, Hunter MP Rotators can save up to 30% more water; which is a great benefit for the planet – and your wallet.

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