An underground irrigation system involves a multitude of different components working together in perfect unison to bring the exact right amount of hydration to your property. The majority of these parts are hidden from view, but there’s one part that needs to be easily accessible, easy to use, and more than a little powerful – the irrigation system controller! A sprinkler system controller is like your home’s thermostat, but is instead designed to keep your your grass and plants comfortable all summer long! Tt’s an essential asset for those looking to keep their landscape in top condition!

A sprinkler system’s controller is the central hub where all the magic is orchestrated from! So it’s no surprise that these are complex mechanisms that must perform multiple duties to keep your lawn’s hydration 100% on track. When the irrigation pros at Heinen install a new sprinkler system, they often prefer to go with the Hunter Pro-C controller – a trusted, high-quality controller that can be relied on to work all spring, summer and fall at the exact specifications the property requires.

Heinen’s Preferred Choice – the Hunter Pro-C Controller.

The Hunter Pro-C Controller is the ultimate choice for residential and light commercial properties alike thanks to its highly-customizable programming options and consumer-conscious design. Say goodbye to the one-dimensional controllers that leave little room for personalized scheduling to fit your lifestyle and your property’s hydration needs. The Hunter Pro-C also features water budgeting settings and seasonal adjustment functions to make altering a watering schedule to fit the day, week, month or season, extremely fast and easy.

The Hunter Pro-C Controller is customizable, with 3 to 15 different stations connected to each zone of your yard. This Hunter controller can also store up to three individual programs allowing for multiple start times, duration, and independent day scheduling options including programmable “off” days. There’s also the power of a “one-touch” manual start and rapid advance for easy activation with fewer steps.

Reliable & Robust

The scheduling control available from a Hunter Pro-C Controller is complemented by its dependability. The controller’s Easy Retrieve memory makes retrieval of your preferred settings fast and easy, featuring a non-volatile memory that holds programs indefinitely without the requirement of a battery for backup or the need for maintaining current time and date information. The Pro-C also comes with built-in surge protection – and no fuses, just a simple reset.

To make the Hunter even more user-friendly, the Pro-C features a large, easy-to-read LCD screen and a convenient dial for selecting programs – all well-protected inside a heavy-duty weather-protected plastic body. And as an added bonus, the controller face can be detached while programming – allowing movement around the entire property while determining the best watering schedule for each zone. Remote control is easy as the Hunter Pro-C is SRR and ICR remote compatible.

With the Hunter Pro-C controller, homeowners gain the peace-of-mind of knowing they have a sprinkler system that works at peak performance every watering season, year after year after year! And, with increased control over the hydration, your property is guaranteed to always look its best!

Interested in upgrading your current sprinkler controller to a Hunter Pro-C? Call Debbie at Heinen Landscape & Irrigation today at (913) 362-8439 for a no-obligation irrigation system consultation and learn more about what a Hunter Pro-C Controller can do for you and your lawn!