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Beware the Fly by Night Sprinkler Installer

By October 10, 2016 February 13th, 2019 No Comments

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We’ve all been there before

You’re driving through your neighborhood and notice everyone’s yard is looking healthy and beautiful. You see your yard and realize yours could use a little sprucing up – and fast! It’s time to bring in the professionals. Heinen Landscape knows all of the options can be overwhelming. And there’s a lot to consider when hiring a landscaping company – especially one you can actually trust.

The problem with finding a landscaper is not all of them always have the best intentions. Some companies are non-licensed and uninsured. Fly-by-night landscapers might offer a landscaping service for cheap, but do a lousy job and just may be skipping town right after. A fly-by-night vendor may not have a permit, and installing up to code might not be a priority. Some of them might not install back-flow preventers, which is what keeps the potable water from becoming contaminated. They could purchase cheap plants for your garden, and you will have no idea until they have died only a month after being planted. Sometimes – they won’t even buy the cheap stuff.

They might steal plants out of someone else’s yard and plant them in yours. A fly-by-night landscaper could cost you much more than wasted money on a few lousy plants. They’ve been known to spray lawns with pesticides that can cause severe health complications in children as well as your family pets.

Especially beware of a truck pulling up to the curb filled with PVC, a magnetic sticker on the tail gate, and out of state plates. They may offer to install a sprinkler system at what seems to be a price that’s too good to be true.  A professional installation includes sprinkler heads matched to the diameter of the pipes, water flow, control sensors, testing, plus fine tuning and mechanical adjustments that only a licensed irrigation professional can provide.  Chances are good when it comes to shut the system down for the winter or open for the spring, the pick-up truck with the magnetic sticker and out of state plates will be long gone, nowhere to be found.
Heinen Landscape
Heinen has built a reputation of providing the most effective underground lawn sprinkler systems in Kansas City. We are professionals in the lawn sprinkler industry, having designed and installed over 1,500 irrigation systems in the Kansas City area. If you’re looking for a landscaping company you can trust, give Debbie a call at 913-432-5011. She’ll send one of our Heinen landscaping experts right out to give you a free bid!