Even though the season’s first freeze is right around the corner, fall and winter can be the best time of year to install a your new sprinkler lawn irrigation system. Booking your irrigation system installation in the off-season not only saves you money (as Heinen Irrigation can work in your automatic sprinkler installation system as schedules and weather allows), but it also guarantees your system is ready to go once spring arrives.

The irrigation and sprinkler professionals at Heinen are the best in the Kansas City area – including areas like Mission Hills, Fairway, Roeland Park, Prairie Village and Mission. Heinen has 30+ years of hands on experience installing automatic underground sprinkler systems. Installing an irrigation system on your property allows you to water consistently, efficiently and effectively – saving you time and money.

Heinen also offers the popular Rachio Sprinkler Controller, a controller that allows you to adjust your watering schedule directly from your smartphone. The Rachio app connects to the nearest national weather center monitoring station and automatically makes adjustments to your home watering schedule based on local conditions – so you never water your yard in the midst of a downpour.

Already have a home irrigation system? The irrigation pros at Heinen can switch out your current control system for a Rachio controller – and also inspect your sprinkler heads, pipes and valves to be certain your system is getting the most out of the water flowing through it – and you’ll get the convenience of a smartphone app.

Call Heinen Irrigation today for a no-obligation estimate for a new lawn irrigation system. Just call Debbie at 913-362-8439 and ask about how you can save money by booking your appointment in the off-season.