It’s not too late to get a new underground sprinkler system installed. Fall can be the best time to call Heinen Landscape and get a new irrigation system. By getting a new irrigation system now before the ground freezes, you will be ready to go once spring is here. Heinen Landscape also offers Rachio – a cutting edge technology that saves you time, cuts back on your water bill, and keeps your grass green.

Rachio is a Smart Sprinkler Controller that gives you complete access to your sprinkler system from your phone. Once Heinen replaces your old sprinkler control box with Rachio’s new sprinkler control box, all you have to do is download the app. The app will let you customize up to 16 zones and will ask you about your trees, shrubs, grass, soil types, and sun exposure so you can get the perfect amount of watering while minimizing runoff. Rachio also connects to the local weather station so your grass will never get watered in the rain.

Call Heinen, Kansas City’s best sprinkler and irrigation company, and set up your appointment to up install a new underground sprinkler system or to upgrade your current sprinkler controller to Rachio’s high tech Smart Sprinkler Controller. Call Debbie at 913-362-8439.