When’s the best time to install a new sprinkler system? The answer is – early fall!

If you been contemplating upgrading from the old drag-the-hose-around watering routine to an automated underground irrigation system now might be the time to act. Beyond reducing the amount of time and effort you spend on lawn care, a new professionally-installed automatic sprinkler system will have your home’s landscaping looking magazine-cover-worthy all year long – all the while also saving you money! Advanced smart technology, top-of-the-line components, and Heinen’s 30+ years of irrigation experience combine to bring you the best quality irrigation system in the market, one that you and your lawn can rely on for many years to come.

The Heinen irrigation team has much more flexibility for booking installations in the fall – meaning less waiting for you!

If you’re ready to take the leap, the next question might be, when is the best time to book your installation? Most homeowners think early spring right after the ground thaws or, during the summer when their landscaping needs the most water, but the Heinen irrigation pros recommend early fall as a much better choice.

Shorter Wait Times

With numerous new installs, restarting existing sprinkler systems, and repairing any damage a system has incurred over the winter, spring is the busiest time of the year for the Heinen Irrigation crew. Waiting until spring to schedule your installation may mean waiting a lot longer than expected for your new sprinkler system to be underground and operational.

Spring in Kansas City is also a little unpredictable. Temperature drops and spikes are common as KC exits winter. That fact, paired with heavy bouts of increased rainfall in the spring, sometimes causes frequent delays for the installation teams. And, digging and laying the pipework for your new underground sprinkler system cannot be completed properly when the ground is too wet or too cold – and without causing damage to surrounding grass and other plants. On the other hand, during the fall soil conditions are often just about perfect for irrigation system installation. The secret combination that makes fall installation attractive: It’s not too wet, it’s not too dry, and ground temperatures are still relatively warm from the summer.

Your lawn will have an easier time returning back to normal after a fall sprinkler installation as conditions are ideal for new grass growth!

Time to Recover & Prepare for Winter

When you book your sprinkler installation in the early fall, you can cut down the time it takes your grass to recover from the digging. The soil is still warm while the air temperatures are cooler, creating the perfect environment for seed germination. Plus, weeds are less likely to invade and take over fresh patches of grass in the fall.

Fall installations are also a great way to prepare your plantings and lawn for winter. As summer ends and cooler temperatures arrive, plants switch from focusing on above-ground growth to storing up nutrients and deepening their root systems in preparation for the cold weather ahead. Ensuring they are properly hydrated all throughout fall will allow them to build up a strong reliance that will help them survive until spring.

Book Your Fall Installation Today!

Imagine yourself next spring – all the snow has melted away, your grass and plants are coming back to life, and your new sprinkler is ready to jump into action! As soon as the warmer days roll in, your smart watering system will be saving you time and saving you money. Knock out the hard work this fall for a much more relaxing spring next year!


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