Introducing Rachio – Top Rated Sprinkler Controllers

Full control over your sprinklers means you save money and water.

Rachio has made managing your sprinklers simple and convenient by bringing the control panel to your mobile phone. By pairing a Rachio controller with your current automated irrigation system, you gain the power to monitor your upcoming watering schedule from wherever you are. Rachio’s intelligent technology also watches out for changes in the weather, automatically skipping watering sessions when necessary. All these premium features come together to save water, money, and time!

Tailored Watering Schedule

From your own mobile device, you are able to easily create the perfect watering program for your lawn’s specific needs. You are free to personalize every aspect of your watering schedule or you can let Rachio make educated recommendations based on your landscaping.

The free Rachio app makes it extremely simple to make changes to your schedule from anywhere. You’ll also be able to track your water usage by month, day or zone, and share it with other members of your household.

In addition to how easy the app is to use, Rachio will also help you adjust your schedule as the seasons change. By eliminating the guesswork, you can rest assured your yard is receiving the best year-round treatment without blowing up your water bill.

Accurate Weather Detection Network

Rachio’s newest controller, Rachio 3, features Weather Intelligence™ Plus – an extensive collection of national weather stations, personal weather stations, radar, and satellite data, which brings you the most precise weather information for your exact location. Never again will your sprinkler system be caught running in the rain.

The Rachio app also makes sure your lawn will not be overwatered. It combines observed and predicted precipitation measurements and tracks the moisture level of your lawn in relation to the soil, plants, and grass type of your property.

Additionally, Rachio can discern if high winds or freezing temperatures will affect your watering schedule. Windy conditions spread the water from your sprinklers erratically and inefficiently, wasting water in the process. Or if it’s too cold out when you water your grass, it is at risk of freezing and being severely damaged.

Economically and Environmentally Conscious

See how much water you can save; add a Rachio controller to your irrigation system!

Consumers using Rachio’s controllers have already saved over 35 billion gallons of water and thousands on their water bills. Each time your controller skips a watering, a push notification on your phone lets you know why and how much water you are personally saving because of it. Typically, homeowners save 30-50% on their monthly outdoor watering bills thanks to Rachio and its commitment to making each drop of water count.

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