Irrigation and Sprinkler systems – the Unsung Heroes of Luscious Lawns

Often ignored because they reside below the earth’s surface, these automated wonder machine systems conveniently deliver life-enhancing water to lawns and other plantings – on demand with hardly almost no effort on behalf of the system owner. If one were to do a study of the simplest to use labor-saving device for the home, the automatic underground irrigation system would surely take the win – handsomely!

So let’s be sure those hardworking underground watering systems are well take care of. In fact, how do you know if your lawn irrigation system is or isn’t working properly? We’ve made it simple, just check these signs!

High Water Bills

A sudden and continuous jump in your water bill is indicative of an inefficient sprinkler system. From poor installation to cracked pipes, a variety of complications can plague your irrigation system and plunder your wallet.

Lawn Leaks

As your sprinkler system ages, the pressurized water carried along by the irrigation system will eventually cause wear and tear on your system. This can cause leaks along your system’s lines resulting in flooding. While the water pools underground or in certain areas of the lawn, you’ll notice that there won’t be enough water reaching the valves and sprinkler nozzles to evenly distribute across your lawn – missing some areas completely!

Dry Lawn Symptoms

Just as overwatering is a not helpful for healthy grass, underwatering is equally concerning. Have you noticed any of these dry lawn symptoms in your own yard?

  • Dry patches of dusty earth with no grass at all are obvious signs of lawn thirst.
  • Yellowing or brown grass blades also indicate drought stress. Some types of grass – such as Kentucky Blue Grass – will turn a shade of gray instead of yellow. Know your grass type and check the hue of your lawn.
  • Footprints or mower lines across the lawn are an early sign of a lack of moisture as healthy lawns will naturally spring back fairly quickly.

It’s important to note, some cases of apparent Dry Patch can actually indicate soil composition concerns, insect and pest presence, or even fungal diseases. Please contact Heinen today if you regularly struggle with Dry Patch even with regular watering.

Irrigation System Upgrades and Repairs

The good news in answer to the above conditions: Heinen offers system upgrades! With a few simple changes and upgrades to your existing system, Heinen can often help save water and money while efficiently maintaining a lush and luxurious lawn. Read more about our Repair and Upgrade Services here!

Perhaps you already have a reasonably new irrigation system in place, but you still notice patchy grass. Irrigation and sprinkler systems are just like most other mechanical system – they do need regular maintenance and routine care.

How did the damage to your system occur? It could be that the rough winter weather caused a pipe or valve break or maybe sprinkler heads were damaged by squirrels or other curious wildlife searching for food or shelter. Regardless of the cause,  Heinen’s trained lawn experts can give your irrigation system the professional attention it needs. Heinen understands that irrigation and sprinkler system repairs can be expensive; that’s why Heinen provides experienced technical support for clients. Our team of experienced lawn professionals can analyze your current sprinkler system to advise you on keeping your irrigation system functioning smoothly.

And, by repairing or upgrading your current irrigation system, you’ll often save time and money and while continuing to enjoy your healthy healthy green lawn – all the while maintaining and increase to your property value!

From residential irrigation systems to automatic sprinklers for commercial properties, Heinen has your back – and your backyard!

Ready for the grass to be greener on your side of the fence? Heinen’s irrigation and sprinkler system service pros will have your system back up and running  in no time! 

For more information on irrigation system repairs or for technical support, just contact Heinen online today or give Debbie at Heinen a call at (913) 362-8439!