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Drought Conditions in KC this Fall Put Foundations at Risk

By December 21, 2016 February 13th, 2019 No Comments

Kansas City has been abnormally dry recently

So dry that the October and November months of 2016 have been ranked the driest that the state of Missouri has seen since 1999 by National Centers for Environmental Information. Drought conditions during the winter months can have a negative impact on many parts of your landscape. Although many think it’s not necessary to water lawns or plants during winter, actually, some of your plants require a little extra TLC during the cold days of winter.

The best way to care for plants like evergreens and conifers during the winter is to water them when the
ground isn’t frozen and the temperature is above freezing. If Kansas City is experiencing a long dry spell Heinen Landscapeand the ground is frozen, you’ll still want to water.  It’ll help aerate the soil and warm the plants’ roots. Of course, only water if the temperature is above freezing, and do it midday when the sun is out to give the plants a chance to absorb the water before the overnight freeze.

To really keep your plants hydrated, you’ll want to practice slow deep watering. Turn on your hose and let it run a pencil sized stream until the area you’re watering is soaked. Try to avoid getting water on the plants’ stems or leaves as ice on the foliage can cause the leaves to break off or die.  Be sure to detach the hose and let any excess water drain out to prevent freeze damage when you’re done!

Heinen LandscapeBecause grass is dormant during much of fall and winter, we don’t have the telltale signals of a green or not so green a lawn to alert us that there are drought-like conditions. Many homeowners don’t realize that the ground is as dry as it is, and because of Kansas City’s especially dry summer and even drier fall, soil may be pulling away from your home’s foundation leaving dangerous gaps that may be harmful to the integrity of your home. When moisture finally does come, it often will come in heavy downpours. And, those soil gaps around your foundation may allow heavy rainwater to cause seepage or even flooding in your basement.

heinen-irrigationTo prevent water damage like this from happening at your home, keep your foundation well-watered throughout the warmer spring and summer and early fall months so that you have as much moisture in your yard as possible. It is important not to over-water around your foundation though, as that can be just as bad as under-watering.

The best way to ensure that your foundation gets just the right amount of water is often to install an irrigation system.  Heinen Landscape and Irrigation can professionally install a dedicated irrigation zone around your house specifically to water your foundation along with zones for your yard, garden and other plantings. These dedicated foundation irrigation zones are typically 8-18 inches from your house, and when professionally installed, your yard and your foundation will weather the winter months quite well – and, rest assured, your home and its foundation will be well protected!

Heinen Landscape and irrigation has built a reputation for providing the most effective underground automatic lawn sprinkler systems in the Kansas City area. And, it’s never too early to beat the warm weather rush by this winter scheduling an irrigation installation for the spring. Just give Debbie at Heinen a call at 913-432-5011 and she’ll schedule one of the landscape pros at Heinen to stop by and provide you a no-obligation irrigation system estimate!