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Fall is Irrigation Season!

By September 19, 2019 No Comments

While preparing your home for fall, installing a sprinkler system might not be first on your list, but Autumn in Kansas City is actually the best time to install an irrigation system. A professionally installed irrigation system by Heinen Landscape & Irrigation will get you ahead of schedule and ready for spring!

During the cooler fall months in KC, your soil is at an ideal temperature for irrigation system installation. It’s best not to wait until winter when the ground is frozen and it’s difficult to dig pipes into the soil. When the ground is hot and dry during a summer in KC, you risk actually causing more damage to your yard than necessary because it can be difficult to bury the pipes deep enough without destroying plant material.

To make this fall installation season even better, Heinen Landscape and Irrigation now offers the all-new Rachio Gen 3 Sprinkler Controller, an irrigation master control system that allows you to adjust your watering schedule directly from your smartphone. The Rachio app connects to the nearest national weather center monitoring station and automatically makes adjustments to your home watering schedule based on local conditions – so you never water your yard in the midst of a downpour.

Already have an underground sprinkler system, the advent of the Gen 3 Rachio might be just the reason Heinen Irrigationto consider an upgrade. The Gen 3 has many other new advanced features that make this controller the state of art in irrigation system management – consider upgrading your control system to Rachio

Call Heinen Irrigation today for a no-obligation estimate for a new lawn irrigation system or upgrades to your existing system. Just call Debbie at 913-362-8439 (and ask about how you can even save a little money by booking your installation in the off-season!).