As winter and below-freezing temperatures hit, Kansas City homeowners have been diligently preparing for the harsh effects of KC weather. It’s the visible effects of winter that tend to get attention – drafty windows, front door mats, and furnace filters.

But there is one unseen home asset that’s extremely vulnerable to freezing temperatures that may be forgotten as it lives underground: Your lawn irrigation system.  Neglect in preparing these systems for winter can result in serious damage – resulting in costly repairs or even complete replacement. Don’t wake up to gurgling ice mounds in your lawn one cold winter morning – prepare today!

The Effects of a Sudden Freeze on Your Sprinklers

During the winter, absence of heat and insulation to outside pipes and faucets causes the water inside to freeze and expand. (A cracked pipe will be noticeable by surrounding pooling and may envelope your prized landscape in damaging, icy conditions.) Expansion causes several outside components to be at risk for cracks, partial breakage and even complete rupture. At risk components for freeze damage include sprinkler heads, underground piping, valves, nozzles, backflow devices and manifolds.

By properly draining water from the system and blowing out the pipes, you’ll prevent unnecessary long-term damage that inevitably leads to system repairs.

Damage Control: Steps to Contain the Damage

If freezing temperatures have already been consequential to the health of your irrigation systems, this does not mean that further damage can’t be prevented. Although the damage may already be done, it’s still helpful to make sure you wrap, cover, turn off and stow away system parts and devices, as this will prevent even more damage. If you are dealing with the predicament of a frozen irrigation system, here are a few tips to help get you back on the right track.

1. Locate and shut off irrigation master control valve

– Disconnecting and shutting off the water at its source is the first step towards addressing continued issues

2. Loosen the cap to the backflow device

– Releases pressure from irrigation system and reduce damage

3. Inspect remaining sprinkler system components

– Note any witnessed breakage, leakage, and further damage to report

4. Contact Heinen for further assistance and repair

– Addressing the effects of a frozen irrigation system is key towards preserving the quality of not only your irrigation system but also to your foundation and even landscaping

Avoid the Freeze – Heinen is Here to Help

You can count on Heinen Landscape and Irrigation to ensure your home irrigation system is properly winterized, and ready to work like new again in the spring (trust us, your lawn will thank you!). If you’re in need of an irrigation systems repair in Kansas City or even service from irrigation system damage caused by past freezing conditions, call Debbie at Heinen today at (913) 432-5011. She’ll schedule an appointment with one of Heinen’s irrigation pros well before winter has the chance to damage your system!