Have you been looking for a company to install your new sprinkler system? Well look no further! Go with Heinen Landscape – a certified Rachio Pro! At Heinen, we have completed the training necessary to become a Rachio Pro, as well as 25+ years experience installing sprinkler systems.

Rachio uses cutting edge technology to save you time, energy, and water. Their Wi-Fi sprinkler controller enables you to water your yard using your mobile phone – that way you never have to go out into the heat and move a hose! In addition, the Rachio app communicates with local weather stations, automatically skipping a watering if rain is in the forecast. Their underground sprinkler system can water up to 16 customizable zones, allowing you the functionality to personalize your Rachio sprinkler system to your lawn’s specific needs. To top it off, Rachio is EPA WaterSense Certified and SWAT tested, proving that their sprinkler system saves you water, while keeping your lawn healthy and green.

Are you ready to stay out of the Kansas City heat and get your weekends back? Call the pros at Heinen today!