More efficient automated irrigation systems provide three major benefits – better water conservation, healthier plants and lawns, and lower water bills.

When the Heinen irrigation professionals design and install a new system, they use the best industry practices to provide clients with a high-efficiency sprinkler system right off the bat. But what if you have an older system? Is there any hope of improving its efficiency so that it too can use less water and save money while keeping your grass greener? The answer is yes!

Improving Efficiency

The irrigation pros at Heinen can help you increase the effectiveness of your current system in several different ways, primarily with advanced sprinkler components and smart programming. Combining these two things makes a world of difference when it comes to water conservation.

Advanced Sprinkler Components

Hunter MP Rotator Nozzles can be retrofitted onto most traditional sprayers and pop-up heads – providing tremendous customization abilities without overcomplicating an older system.

Having adequate watering coverage for your lawn is key when it comes to ensuring proper water usage. Uneven coverage leads to over- or underwatering, causing higher bills and unhealthy plants. Old sprinkler heads may not be able to provide reliable coverage, be it from poor design or general wear and tear. These should be replaced with advanced rotary heads.

Rotary heads are a game-changer when it comes to sprinkler heads. Their design makes them excellent water-savers in that the water is dispersed more effectively. For starters, the arcs and ranges of rotary heads can be adjusted to fit any height or distance. The way in which rotary heads throw water reduces waste from the wind blowing it off course. Their slower precipitation rates also assist absorption, allowing water to soak into the soil instead of running off. Rotary heads are also more robust and durable, resulting in fewer repairs and replacements later.

In addition to updating sprinkler heads, older systems can benefit from adding new sensors. Industry leaders like Hunter have designed a wide range of sensors that can help systems run more efficiently. These range from rain and wind sensors, which shut a system off when unfavorable conditions are detected, to soil moisture sensors, which can accurately determine if the lawn and landscaping needs water, or if a watering session should be skipped.

Smart Programming

The Rachio 3 Controller’s mobile app allows users to make changes to their watering schedule whenever, wherever.

Smart system programming is another way to improve the efficiency of sprinklers. Basic irrigation controllers have relatively simple programming abilities. Each zone is connected, with a single turn-on and shut-off time. The watering needs of almost any property are more complex than this and can change daily.

Today, there are numerous wi-fi-enabled smart controllers available. These advanced controllers come with a wide range of new features. Homeowners can easily access their systems from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet. An app tracks how much water the system has used, monitors any skipped watering sessions due to weather, and even receives alerts when a break within the system has occurred. This is especially helpful. Since most irrigation problems are hidden below the surface they can go unnoticed for a long time. Damage is often exacerbated, leading to repairs that are more expensive than they may have been had they been made earlier, and water is wasted on a much greater scale.

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