All spring you carefully planted and fertilized and nurtured your young lawn; the grass is finally thriving – just in time for the blazing heat of a scorching summer!

How to Revive Your Dry Lawn:

Take heart – brown dry “dead” grass may not truly be dead yet. The key is to mow your lawn and leave the freshly cut grass in place; remember to weed and properly aerate your lawn to make sure the grass is getting the space and fresh air it needs to grow thick and luscious.

After a haircut and a good freshening up, it’s time to water! Watering in the morning is best – not only will this prevent you from wasting water to evaporation during hot hours of the day – but it will keep your grass from getting too soggy at night (which can lead to lawn infection and disease).

Dry Lawn Cure:

When the dog days of summer have you saying “doggone it” about your lawn, you know it’s time to call Heinen!

Let’s face the facts: no one really wants to get up extra early in the summer and water the lawn. When the sun is already up by six am and beating down ferociously, you’d almost rather let the lawn wilt rather than getting up before dawn and turn on the hose.

The solution for your thirsty and fading summer lawn? Heinen’s professional irrigation systems! With an abundance of experience and years of insight into proper lawn irrigation, the turf pros at Heinen can get you hooked up with an automatic underground sprinkler system to save your lawn from slow death and save your self a little sleep!

Why spend another minute of your all too valuable time watering your lawn? Your new Heinen irrigation system will do the watering for you – and may even save you money! Heinen’s custom automatic sprinkler systems are designed to exacting standards to best suit your property and our irrigation pros will set your new watering system to automatically provide your yard just the right amount of water needed in each section of your property.

Also, imagine no more pools of water from accidentally leaving the sprinkler running in the same location too long – which means no wasting water – or money!” It’s the perfect plan for a perfect lawn and a perfect summer!

The news gets better for those that already have a worn sprinkler system – Heinen can service both residential and commercial property irrigation systems. A refurbished residential sprinkler system will enhance the value of your home and protect your home’s curb appeal. And commercial means property owners can give their company an aesthetic edge over the competition by maintaining a thriving, vibrant property all summer long!

Call Heinen today at (913) 362-8439 or contact us online to talk about the right irrigation or sprinkler system for you – the consultation has no obligation, so what are you waiting for?!