Heinen Landscape & Irrigation has developed a full-service lawn care program that is environmentally safe and customizable to your lawn care needs. Heinen offers complete turnkey solutions for all aspects of you landscape maintenance. From start to finish, all work is performed by our expert staff.

Landscape Design & Construction:

A professionally designed and properly installed landscape is truly a growing investment. Most homeowners will someday want to sell the home in which they currently live. It is to your advantage to have a desirable curb appeal and to invest in a well maintained and designed landscape plan. With proper installation of the plant material used, it is truly an investment that grows great returns.

Drainage Solutions:

Water in the basement? Pooling or ponding water in your lawn? These unsightly issues are just a few of the things that the experts at Heinen can solve and help prevent in the future. Heinen’s experts review the entire property and provide solutions to protect your largest investment from rainwater damage – not to mention restoring your plantings to good health. Heinen also installs and services gutter extensions, sump pumps, French drains, dry creek beds and more!

Outdoor Lighting Services:

For security and architectural enhancement, Heinen offers a complimentary consult for our outdoor lighting services. Existing services can also be serviced and upgraded with energy saving LED bulbs. Heinen can also install a new lighting control system from FX Luminaire complete with an accompanying Smartphone application for maximum on-the-go control  enabling greater system flexibility, energy efficiency, and real-time dynamic lighting design.

Sprinkler System Service and Installation:

If you already own an underground irrigation system, a professionally trained irrigation technician from Heinen can perform seasonal system start-ups and shut-downs, perform zoned water pressure testing, service and replace worn sprinkler heads and complete other system maintenance.

Heinen also installs new irrigation systems with water-saving functionality.  And, with the addition of a Smart controller from Rachio (complete with a Smartphone based mobile application), weekly watering schedules can be set for the season as well as instant watering when it’s extra hot and your lawn needs a cool drink. And, since Rachio has internet connectivity, the controller accesses real-time information from the nearest National Weather Service location which allows monitoring of local weather patterns and ground moisture and to ensure your lawn is adequately irrigated without overwatering.

General Landscape Maintenance Programs:

Shrubs and Hedges

All shrubs and hedges will be trimmed as needed throughout the season by the team at Heinen. Shrub variety, conditions and location will dictate the trimming method. All clippings and debris will be recycled by Heinen as our way to reduce our carbon footprint. A hard prune will be performed as weather permits. The hard prune will help get plants back to manageable size and shape and remove dead or diseased branching.

Spring and Fall Cleanup:

Spring clean-up services will be performed prior to the first application of fertilizer and pre-emergent weed control. This process includes blowing or raking leaves and other debris from landscape beds, cutting back ornamental grasses and other perennials and cutting the turf to promote new growth, mulch can also be freshened to maintain moisture and reduce weeds and erosion.

Plant Health Care:

The concept for plant health care incorporates a wide range of management techniques. Heinen’s proprietary strategy reduces the reliance on chemical controls and emergency treatments. The Turf Pros at Heinen have the experience, the education, and deep knowledge regarding proper plant nutrients and controls, and the proven ability to greatly enhance the overall health and appearance of your lawn and landscape.


Ready to see how Heinen’s services can make maintaining your outdoor spaces easier and make your lawn more beautiful? Then it might be time to contact the landscape, hardscape and lighting pros at Heinen. Just call Debbie at (913) 432-5011 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.