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Irrigation Season Around the Corner – Service Checklist

By February 2, 2017 February 13th, 2019 No Comments

Heinen Irrigation

It may be winter now, but spring is only a few weeks away.

Your automatic sprinkler system can be your best friend during the dry, hot months – until it stops working – and then it can quickly become a headache (and big expense!). Your irrigation system problems can be caused by a variety of reasons including controllers, valves, pipes, and sprinkler heads.

Some of the easiest fixes just require you to get to know the controller a little better. While our irrigation experts at Heinen always recommend calling a professional for an irrigation repair, here are a few of the common problems we see with irrigation controls and the simple fixes that go along with them.

Your sprinkler isn’t turning on. Check to make sure the sprinkler controller is set to “auto.” If you have watering times scheduled, they won’t activate if the control settings are on “run.”

Your sprinkler is turning on, but not when you’ve scheduled it. You may have accidentally switched on your manual override. The simple fix for this is to restart the controller – just turn the dial off for a minute or two and turn it back on.

Heinen IrrigationNo display on the controller. It’s very common that your irrigation system experienced some type of electrical interruption and went offline. Look for the reset button on the controller, hold down until your controller shows that it’s back online.

Control valves are failing. Many times, this happens because the watering duration hasn’t been set. Use the up and down arrows to set your desired watering duration time. If you happen to see an error message, this may require a Heinen pro to come take a look. This is likely a more serious valve solenoid problem that requires connecting irrigation wire to be replaced.

The irrigation experts at Heinen Landscape are here to assist with any irrigation problems that come your way! We can also give you an estimate for upgrades including water-saving sprinkler heads and even an app you can install on your smartphone to control your sprinklers from your living room, office, or even on vacation! Give Debbie a call at 913-432-5011 for a sprinkler inspection, an upgrade estimate, or set up an appointment to start your sprinklers up for the spring!