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Benefits of Having an Irrigation System

By April 18, 2017 February 13th, 2019 No Comments

Pretty soon we will be in summer weather- which means brown grass.

Luckily Heinen’s green grass experts know all the secrets to a healthy lawn. Here are a list of benefits from All About Lawns that explains why you should invest in a quality sprinkler system.

  1. Probably the best benefit of a sprinkler system is the automization of lawn care. (If the industry could only automate mowing, too, we’d be in business). It removes the need to worry about watering.
  2. Sprinkler and irrigation systems help you water consistently and effectively, like limiting watering to one inch each time.
  3. Sprinkler systems help conserve water, enabling you to set them to water during overnight hours to take Heinen Irrigation Having an Irrigation Systemadvantage of the coolest possible temperatures. They can also be easily adjusted during droughts or water conservation periods. When overused, sprinkler systems can waste water. You can easily avoid this risk by setting your sprinklers to water only a little at a time, twice a day, depending on your climate.
  4. Sprinkler systems also allow you to customize your watering strategy according to your lawn – its shape, size, and type. They come in a variety of types, including oscillating, revolving, stationary, and traveling sprinklers.
  5. Sprinklers don’t just water your lawn; you can adjust them to water plants, flowers, trees, and hedges, getting the most out of the system and conserving more of your time.
  6. A sprinkler system also supports your home value, showing the care you take and offering your yard sustainability for years to come. Sprinklers water lawns consistently and evenly, removing the pressure to do so manually.

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