Did you know that as much as half of the water you use for landscape irrigation is wasted? And did you know that cut water usage (and your water bill) by almost 50% with an underground irrigation system? The Rachio Smart Wi-Fi Sprinkler is EPA WaterSense Certified, SWAT tested, and has saved homeowners over 11 billion gallons of water.

The Rachio Smart Wi-Fi comes with an app that allows you to control your sprinklers directly from your smartphone. This app gives you the ability to add in details about soil types, sun exposure, and more for each customizable zone. This information gives Rachio the ability to automatically calculate watering cycles to deliver just the right amount of water while minimizing runoff.

Rachio references thousands of local weather stations and will automatically adjust your watering schedule based on the latest local forecast – making sure you never water your grass in the rain. The app provides you with a detailed water usage report so you know how many gallons of water you have used and how much it has saved you.

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