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KC Summers: Wet, Dry, Wet = Foundation Damage

By August 3, 2017 No Comments

As Kansas City summers typically go, we’ve been through some very hot and dry days, interspersed with several very heavy downpours and even flash flooding. Heavy rains are no cure for dry lawns as they tend to wash away topsoil – and water works its way into cracked soil and often areas where dried earth has pulled back from home foundations, creating an easy channel for basement flooding and foundation seepage.

Heinen LandscapeMany homeowners don’t realize how dry soil can cause real damage to the foundation of their home. During the long, hot, summer months (when most every part of your landscape seems to be drying up no matter how much hose-hauling and sprinkling you do!), it’s a good idea to make extra sure the soil around your home’s foundation gets a good drink of water on a regular basis – especially when experiencing prolonged drought-like conditions!

It’s also very common for homeowners to accidentally over-water their lawns – which can be almost as bad as under-watering, often causing drowned plants and even mold growth.

The best way to ensure that your lawn gets just the right amount of water is to install an automatic Heinen Landscape and Irrigationirrigation system.  Heinen Landscape and Irrigation professionally installs dedicated irrigation zones around your home to get just the right amount of water delivered to grass, gardens, shrubbery, trees – and even near your foundation. A dedicated foundation irrigation zone is typically 8-18 inches from your home and, when professionally installed, your yard and your foundation will weather the summer months quite well – and, rest assured, your home and its foundation will be well protected!

You’ll be glad to know It’s never too late in the season to schedule your irrigation system installation. The professionals at Heinen Landscape and Irrigation have been installing the most efficient irrigation systems in the Kansas City for over 30 years. Just give Debbie at Heinen a call at 913-432-5011 and she’ll schedule one of the irrigation pros from Heinen to stop by and provide you a no-obligation irrigation system estimate!