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Keep 2019 Goals on Track with Rachio

By January 16, 2019 No Comments

Irrigation and Sprinkler Companies KCIt’s a new year, which often means a new list of resolutions. Often that includes saving money, entertain more, and maybe even traveling the world. Heinen has a solution that will get you one step closer to meeting all of those resolutions – not to mention keeping your lawn and landscape healthy and lush all through 2019 and for many, many more new years to come!

We’re talking about a Rachio Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller! A Rachio home lawn irrigation control system allows you to automatically water your lawn 2, 3, or 4 times a week – your choice – and you can select watering duration on a zone-by-zone basis. What’s more, you can do all of this from the convenience of your very own smartphone – allowing you to save money and time for more entertaining and to untether yourself from the surly bonds of manual lawn watering – just imagine the amazing places you’ll go!

Heinen IrrigationSave Money. This is always easier said than done, but a Rachio Sprinkler Irrigation System controller makes it easy to save money AND water thoroughly through the simple push of a button. A Rachio sprinkler control system installed by Heinen will allow you to use customized watering zones throughout your yard, ensuring you’re not wasting money by overwatering certain zones of your yard (while underwatering others). And, you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn the sprinkler off when it rains! The Rachio control system communicates with the nearest National Weather Service monitoring station and automatically skips cycles when rain is nearby – actually allowing you to save on your water bill.

Entertain More. With a Heinen-installed Rachio Sprinkler Control System, your yard will be in tip-top shape year-round. Plus, come the dog days of summer when your neighbors’ lawns have turned brown, you’ll be able to proudly gather friends on your outdoor patio to properly enjoy your lush backyard oasis!

Book That Trip. Take that much needed 2019 vacation without the worry of your lawn suffering! No Heinen Irrigation & Sprinklersmatter where you are, pull up the Rachio app on your smartphone, desktop, or tablet and immediately know the last time your lawn was watered, when it is scheduled to be watered again, or skip a cycle if you’d like – guaranteeing peace of mind on your summer vacation knowing you’ll come home to a beautiful lawn – with almost no effort!

Already have an automatic sprinkler system? Heinen can retrofit your existing system with a Rachio Sprinkler Controller! Retrofit or new install, an irrigation system with a Rachio Controller from the irrigation pros at Heinen is the perfect way to help you keep your 2019 resolutions! A no-obligation estimate from Heinen Landscape and Irrigation is just a phone call away. Just call Debbie at Heinen to schedule a complimentary visit at (913) 432-5011.