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Keep Dad’s Lawn Springtime-Green, all Summer Long!

By June 12, 2019 No Comments

If your yard has been lucky enough to avoid rain-related flooding issues, your lawn is probably looking great with all the precipitation Kansas City has experienced this spring! Unfortunately, all good things usually come to an end.  And, with Kansas City’s roller-coaster-of-a-ride weather, you never know when extended dry conditions will set-in. No one wants to see their spring emerald carpet of a lawn burned to a crisp by exposure to Kansas City’s vegetation-destroying summer sun!

Never fear, Heinen Landscape and Irrigation is here to help! What your lawn needs is a steady and reliable source of water, in other words, an automatic sprinkler system. A professionally installed irrigation system from Heinen Landscape will fit the bill nicely – complete with a Rachio WiFi enabled control system that allows you to adjust your sprinkler settings from the convenience of your smartphone.

Now the really great news, this Father’s Day, you can give the Dad in your life the gift that keeps on giving – a FREE Rachio controller with the purchase of a residential in-ground irrigation system from Heinen! No more lugging hoses and sprinklers all over the yard. No more forgetting to water while on vacation – or overwatering by leaving the sprinkler on overnight!

With the Rachio Wi-Fi Smart Sprinkler Controller, Dad can schedule watering cycles 2, 3, 4, or even 5 Irrigation Kansas Citytimes a week. And, he can give your home’s grass, trees and other plants a refreshing drink of water anytime they look thirsty – with just the tap of a button on his smartphone. With a Heinen-installed Rachio-controlled lawn irrigation system, each watering zone of your yard is customizable.

The Irrigation Pros at Heinen will install an automatic sprinkler system that delivers just the right amount of water to each area of the yard – from shaded areas, to those immersed in all day sun, to gardens, shrubs, trees, flowers – and all your other plantings! What’s more, your Rachio control system is linked online to the nearest National Weather Service weather center – immediately auto-correcting your watering schedule based on precipitation that occurs in your neighborhood (no need to rely on unpredictable weather forecasts – and no automated sprinklers running during unpredicted rain storms!).

The best part? When you purchase a new irrigation system installation for Dad before June 30, 2019, he’ll receive a FREE Rachio WiFi Sprinkler Control system with the purchase of a new irrigation system. Ready to get Dad the Father’s Day gift of a lifetime? Give Debbie at Heinen a call at (913) 432-5011