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Lawn Renovation + Irrigation = Success!

By August 30, 2018 No Comments

The Kansas City heat can do a number on your lawn if you’re not prepared. Making sure your lawn can withstand the long, hot KC summers takes year-round care. If you’ve taken a look at your yard recently and noticed it’s  limp and lifeless, it’s not too late to start preparing your lawn for next year! Believe it or not, late summer leading into fall is the best time to start preparing  for your lawn to flourish next spring and summer. The turf pros at Heinen Landscape have put together a few tips to begin right away for a complete lawn renovation that will lead to a beautiful lawn next spring!

Install an Irrigation System. First thing’s first, one of the most important things you can do for your lawn is to install an irrigation system. Fallis the best time to call Heinen Landscape to schedule  a new irrigation system installation. By getting a new irrigation system now before winter arrives and the ground freezes, you’ll have a head start once spring is here. The Turf Pros at Heinen Landscape and Irrigation can design and install a custom irrigation system that ensures your yard gets exactly the amount of water it needs to stay healthy. And, by adding a Rachio WiFi-enabled controller, all zones in your yard can get just the right amount of water they need to thrive.

 Pick the Right Grass & Prepare Your Soil.The species and variety of grass you choose depends on how much sun or shade your lawn gets, how much maintenance you’re willing to commit to, drought tolerance and more. Ideally, your soil should be prepared and over seeded on the same day. To prepare your soil, start by aerating with an aerator or slice seeder to open up the soil. While you are aerating, be sure to seed at the right rate. Too much seed will cause competition between seedlings and slow growth. Prefer to leave it to the pros at Heinen? Our seasoned experts will select just the
right type of grass seed and aerating tool based on your lawn’s condition. Our turf maintenance team will even provide follow up visits to ensure healthy growth and treat any problem areas that may occur.

Fertilize and feed. Your grass and landscaping should be given fertilizer before the winter sets in. Plants need food to feed on throughout the winter season, and fertilizer will help make the grass roots stronger for the following season. The turf pros at Heinen Landscape will develop a detailed and tailored 6-week plan designed specifically for your unique lawn. Heinen uses the safest and most reliable products available in the industry to keep your lawn weed, disease, and pest-free. By using only top-of-the-line fertilizers and other treatments your lawn will stay lush, green, and beautiful throughout the entire growing season.

Preventative maintenance from Heinen Landscape will ensure your lawn will be shielded from disease and harmful cold as the winter months set in. Give Debbie a call at (913) 432-5011 to set up complimentary consultation with one of the  at Heinen Landscape and Irrigation!