Heinen Irrigation Specialist

During a startup, the Heinen pros make sure each sprayer is providing adequate zone coverage.

When it comes to spring irrigation system startups, there are several important reasons to call in professionals!

The irrigation specialists at Heinen have been in the automated sprinkler business for over 30 years – and, through thousands upon thousands of spring system startups over those years, one thing’s for certain: No one in Kansas City knows irrigation systems like Heinen. And, when it comes to spring startups, no one takes more care in ensuring each client’s system is in peak condition and 100% ready to efficiently and cost-effectively take on a new season of watering like the irrigation Pros at Heinen! Read on below to learn why an irrigation professional should handle your property’s spring startup!

Proper Pressurization

If water is let back into a sprinkler system too quickly, it can create a water hammer. This powerful shock wave can do some serious damage to your system, from bursting pipes to destroying valves.

Trained irrigation pros know how to slowly build pressure within a sprinkler system at the proper rate to prevent causing unnecessary strain on system components. Monitoring system pressure in each zone at startup is the best way to determine if there are any leaks in the system – leaks that may quietly waste water (and $) during the entire irrigation season. What’s more, systems that are not operating at the optimal pressure level do not function efficiently and may not provide complete property coverage.

Clogged sprinkler head.

The pros will make sure each sprayer is free from debris!

Checking For Damage

Heinen’s trained irrigation professionals thoroughly inspect the entire irrigation system during the startup, from the control box to every last spray head and nozzle – ensuring all system components are operating correctly and no damage has occurred during the winter down months.

One of the primary ways sprinkler systems can waste water and money is when system damage goes unnoticed. That’s why the Heinen team thoroughly checks each sprinkler head, assuring it rises to its correct irrigation height and removing any debris that may clog a sprinkler nozzle.

System malfunctions tend to get worse with time, so catching irrigation system issues early can help protect your system from costly repairs at a later date. If damage is found during spring startup, the Heinen team can repair the damage before a small problem becomes a large expensive problem.

Performing Zone Adjustments

Spring is the perfect time to make any necessary adjustments to your system’s watering zones. Why would a zone adjustment be necessary? Primarily because a zone’s irrigation needs have changed. For example, maybe a landscaped area around your home has been expanded – or, plantings that were new the year prior have grown bigger and taller – a change that may warrant sprayer height adjustments. Ensuring that each zone is getting the correct amount of water prevents under- or over-watering, and keeps your water bill in check.

Rachio Irrigation Controller

The Rachio 3 sprinkler controller has several helpful features that take the guesswork out of watering!

Seasonal Watering Schedule Settings

Setting up your system’s seasonal watering schedule is an essential step of the spring startup process. Heinen’s irrigation specialists are experts at calibrating the correct watering time duration for each zone, and for each season. Rainy springs require less water than the dog days of August, and more plantings mean more root systems thirsting for irrigation. There’s a bit of art, a bit of science, and a whole lot of real-world irrigation experience involved when it comes to determining the correct amount of water needed in each zone for each season and setting up a schedule that guarantees the right amount of water is used each time the system activates. Fortunately, the Heinen team has the experience it takes to calibrate each zone correctly and efficiently.

System Upgrades

Make the most of the upcoming growing season by completing any necessary irrigation upgrades from the start! The number one upgrade the Heinen team recommends for clients who want to improve their system’s efficiency and functionality is to replace dated controllers with a wi-fi-enabled control system.

These innovative new controllers are real irrigation system game-changers. Not only do they give you the ability to monitor and control your system from almost anywhere with your smartphone, but they also track weather in real-time, thanks to their online access to thousands of National Weather Service monitoring stations. Data from those monitoring stations (that can predict weather conditions on almost a street-by-street level) enables the system to automatically make changes to your watering schedule – so your sprinklers are never caught spraying water in the rain!

Have you scheduled your spring sprinkler startup? If not, call Debbie at Heinen Landscape & Irrigation today at (913) 362-8439 and get your startup on the books!