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Leaving that Hose on Can Cause Serious Lawn Damage

By July 6, 2018 No Comments

Heinen IrrigationDuring the summer months, most homeowners are worried about their lawns getting enough water. But when it comes to hydrating your yard, is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

We’ve all likely done this before, placing our lawn sprinkler in just the right spot, with good intent to go back outside and move the sprinkler in 30 minutes or so. But life happens and sooner or later the running sprinkler is forgotten – even overnight!

Not only does this waste water, it’s also tough on the water bill – and can cause irreparable lawn and plant damage. In fact, over-watering can cause just as many problems as under-watering. The solution is a reliable automated sprinkler and irrigation system – especially a system that has weather sensitivity automation built into its controller.

Healthy Roots, Happy Lawn

Not only can too much water drown gardens, plants, and grass, but overwatering can cause long-term issues for your lawn – like shallow root system development (making your grass even more susceptible to dry spells), and increased susceptibility to weeds and insects. A healthy root system is the key to developing a lawn that comes back stronger, greener and thicker year after year after year.

The Turf Pros at Heinen Landscape and Irrigation can design and install a custom irrigation system that ensures your yard gets exactly the amount of water it needs to stay healthy. And, by adding a Rachio WiFi-enabled controller, all zones in your yard can get just the right amount of water they need to be at their very best.

From shady, tree heavy areas, to open zones with little or no shade, to gardens, shrubs and other plant life, Heinen will design the optimal watering plan for your property – and even remotely adjusts your watering plan from season to season to make up for changes in climate from spring to summer to fall.

Healthy Wallet, Happy Homeowner

Heinen’s Turf specialists can also evaluate your lawn for optimal drainage to protect your lawn – and your home – from those moments when Mother Nature unleashes a torrent of rainfall in the Kansas City area. Soil types, ground slope, root density, and multiple other factors can affect how your yard handles the water it gets. Give Heinen a call for a no-obligation drainage evaluation to be certain your property is prepared for long-lasting weather-success – free of the risks associated with excess rain – such as plant damage from pooled water, migrating mulch, and leaky home foundation issues.

Heinen LandscapeInvesting in an automated sprinkler and irrigation system now can even help you save money on your monthly water bills (by not overwatering) – and in lawn maintenance and damage repair costs for years to come! The costs of weed removal, foundation repair, and insect eradication can add up quickly. Let Heinen help you ensure you’re giving your yard just the right amount of water to create a healthy outdoor living space that’s built to last a lifetime.

Ready to see how Heinen can help you create the perfect irrigation system for your yard (not to mention freeing up your evenings and weekends from the drudgery of lugging hoses from spot to spot)? Then call Debbie at Heinen at (913) 432-5011 to set up a no-obligation quote with one of our sprinkler and irrigation specialists! There’s never a charge for an evaluation and estimate, so why not call today?