The secret to healthy grass in your Lenexa yard is expert, professional attention from a company that has been around for over 30 years – Heinen Landscape & Irrigation. The level of professionalism, commitment, and integrity that is displayed by Heinen’s experts has led to hundreds of customer relationships and referrals all over Lenexa and Kansas City.

Heinen specializes in automatic underground sprinkler systems that are custom to your Lenexa home’s needs. The irrigation designers are with you through the whole process of planning and construction. Every variable of your yard is taken into consideration when crafting together your custom blueprint such as: sun vs shade, grass vs trees vs shrubs, slope, water pressure, and soil type. Understanding the site’s needs is important and rewards homeowners with savings during construction and in future maintenance. By adding in an underground irrigation system to your Lenexa yard, your home value will increase and so will your curb appeal.

The Heinen Landscape and Irrigation team partners with Rachio, the leader in cutting-edge sprinkler technology, because the residents of Lenexa deserve the best product on the market. The Rachio Wi-Fi controller connects to your smartphone – giving you access to control your sprinklers no matter where you are! Even if you are relaxing on the beach! The controller also connects to the local weather channel, meaning you never have to look outside and see that your sprinkler is on while it’s raining. As much as 50% of water is wasted with a traditional sprinkler but by having Heinen install an irrigation system at your home in Lenexa, this number will drop significantly because automatic sprinkler systems are set to run for a fixed time. Also, each zone of your yard will be customizable, so sunny areas will get the perfect amount of water as well as shady areas.

Want to learn more about what the Heinen Landscape and Irrigation team can do for you and your Lenexa, KS home? Click here to learn more or give Debbie a call at (913) 362-8439 to give your yard the professional attention it deserves!