Heinen Landscape and Mission Hills

Heinen Landscape has been doing business in the greater Kansas City area for over 30 years, and over that time they’ve become known as the Mission Hills irrigation and sprinkler system experts! With literally hundreds of satisfied customers in Mission Hills, the sprinkler and irrigation professionals at Heinen understand that green grass starts with healthy soil a strong root system, fertilizing and over-seeing to avoid bare spots. A professionally installed irrigation system – sometimes also known as an automatic or underground sprinkler – delivers just the right amount of water at just the right time to keep thirsty grass, plants and trees healthy and thriving, even during summer in Mission Hills! Sprinkler system installation is a complex task, and Heinen has the experienced irrigation professionals Mission Hills residents have come to rely on for automatic sprinklers. Once an irrigation system is installed you’ll also have the peace of mind that Heinen Landscape is there to maintain your system, shutting it down in the fall to avoid damage from below freezing temperatures, and starting your system back up in the spring – keeping a close eye out for worn parts or damaged sprinter heads. Heinen also keeps and maintains all blueprints and notes for each installation – which is a great reference tool should the Mission Hills homeowner plan future landscape additions or upgrades.

The best lawns in Mission Hills and throughout Kansas City have relied on Heinen Sprinklers and Irrigation for irrigation system installation & repairs, lawn fertilizing & maintenance and all of their landscaping and design build needs for decades. Our irrigation and sprinkler experts are professional and work with commitment  and integrity, leading to great long-term customer relationships and many neighborhood referrals.

Heinen’s underground irrigation systems can also save you money, for one reason: 50% of traditional hose and sprinkler watering is wasted on run-off. An automatic underground sprinkler system will reduce this significantly as the system is programmed to run for a fixed amount to time and adjusted by season. Also, you’ll never witness your system watering your lawn in the rain. That’s because Heinen Landscape has partnered with Rachio – the leader in cutting edge sprinkler system controller technology. The Rachio controller syncs to the nearest National Weather Service real-time forecast so you never risk watering your grass while it’s raining. The Rachio Smart Controller connects through Wi-Fi to your smartphone so you can adjust your sprinklers from anywhere – no more going to the garage or basement to make seasonal watering adjustments!

If you’re considering home irrigation system in Mission Hills and you’d like to learn more, call Heinen Landscape – we’re the sprinkler system professionals, with long-time expertise in Mission Hill’s water needs, sprinkler layout, hydraulics, controllers, sprinter repairs and even topsoil, fertilizing, mowing and complete landscape services. Professional, quality installation is your key to long-term reliability.

Call Debbie at Heinen Landscape and Irrigation at (913) 362-8439 for more information or to schedule a complementary estimate or sprinkler system inspection.