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Low water pressure can lead to a poorly watered lawn.

Is it Time to Expand Your Irrigation System?

If you’re regularly watering your lawn and plants with an automatic sprinkler system but still struggling to achieve a thriving landscape, your sprinkler system might not be entirely at fault. The problem could simply be an outdated layout.

The solution may be to add new watering zones. Adding irrigation zones is a great way to make your sprinkler system more effective – and ensure that water gets to all the plant life on your property.

Signs You May Need New Watering Zones

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Lawns, shrubs, trees and flower beds have different irrigation system needs.

Have you recently added new plantings to your existing landscape? Did your green thumb take control this spring and liven up your property with new flower beds, shrubs or bushes? Perhaps you’ve added plants to areas that previously had none, such as along a driveway.

Is your automatic sprinkler system less efficient than in the past – causing sprinkler heads to no longer spray water to the edges of your landscape? Have you noticed low water pressure from your system? Or maybe your existing zones don’t have enough water pressure to fully spray your entire landscape – leaving thirsty blades of grass to wither in the hot summer sun.

Many of these conditions can be fixed by breaking your lawn and plant areas into additional watering zones; these zones can then be irrigated separately. Sprinkler systems operate at optimal efficiency by focusing water pressure on one zone at a time. This method ensures each zone has adequate water pressure to soak the whole lawn properly.

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Heinen Irrigation pros can inspect and upgrade your current system.

Heinen Can Help

If you’re experiencing any of the above watering issues with your system, don’t worry – Heinen is here to help! The irrigation professionals at Heinen Landscape and Irrigation can evaluate your current system to see what works and what doesn’t. They’ll check your system to make sure it’s working as efficiently as possible and make recommendations about which areas of your property may benefit from adding additional zones.

They’ll also check sprinkler heads to be certain they’re working properly – in fact, it’s possible new sprinkler heads alone may solve your watering issues. Some sprinkler heads work better for some plants than others, so what you’re watering can make just as much of a difference as where you’re watering. Shrubs, bushes and flower beds require different sprinkler head settings. The sprinkler head that can throw a stream 15 feet across your lawn may destroy blooming flowers or send water over shrubs and bushes!

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New control systems enable your smartphone to operate your irrigation system.

You also may benefit from other improvements to your existing system – like adding an updated controller. New control systems have the ability to operate with just a tap of your smartphone.

They also may be wired through your home’s Wi-Fi network to connect directly to the nearest National Weather Service weather monitoring station. So, when it’s raining on your side of town and not others, your system will automatically know to skip a watering cycle, preventing over-saturation and saving you money.

If you’d like to have a Heinen irrigation professional inspect your system and provide a no-obligation consultation, click here to contact Heinen today. Or, call Debbie at (913) 432-5011. Heinen is here to help!