Heinen Landscape has been serving the greater Kansas City area for over 30 years – and throughout that whole time, the best lawns in Old Leawood have relied on Heinen for all their sprinkler and irrigation needs. The sprinkler and irrigation experts at Heinen know the secret to having strong, green grass. It starts with healthy soil and root systems, the perfect amount of fertilizing and over-seeding, aeration, and a professionally installed automatic sprinkler system that delivers just the right amount of water – which is especially important in those hot and dry Old Leawood summers.

Heinen Landscape has partnered with the leader in cutting edge automatic sprinkler technology, Rachio, to give the residents of Old Leawood the best product possible. Automatic sprinkler systems, also known as underground sprinkler systems, will give each zone of your yard the exact amount of water it needs based off soil type, sun/shade, and type of plants (grass, trees, shrubs, etc). Did you know that as much as 50% of water is wasted on runoff when you use a traditional hose and sprinkler? The underground sprinkler systems that Heinen has installed all over Old Leawood are synced up to the local weather stations so your sprinkler will never water in the rain and will adjust watering amounts according to the season. The Rachio Smart Controller is connected to your smartphone so you can check and adjust your sprinkler anywhere – even if you are at home watching a movie or at a Royals game!

The irrigation professionals at Heinen Landscape work with commitment, integrity, and take pride in their work – which have led to many great long-term customer relationships and dozens of Leawood referrals. Click here to learn more about our Old Leawood sprinkler systems or call Debbie at Heinen Landscape and Irrigation at (913) 362-8439 to schedule a complementary estimate!