Include Irrigation in Your Spring Landscape Plan

Winter is the best time to start planning the landscaping projects you have in mind for your property this spring and summer. Take the extra time you have indoors during the chilly winter season to determine what you want for your outdoor areas, the overall aesthetic, to plant selection, to the specific layout for each section of your yard.

As Kansas City’s top landscape, hardscape and irrigation experts, the Heinen team has more than a little experience in how to bring perfect landscape plans to life. Visualizing your landscape plan can be a bit overwhelming but, whether you’re planning an entire backyard makeover, adding a new hedge row, creating a small flower garden – or even adding custom, built-in hardscape-planters, every landscape project has one thing in common: the need for quality irrigation. After all, irrigation (water) is the lifeblood of all healthy plant life. But where to begin?

Irrigation Lives Below Plant Life

What are the reasons you should begin any landscaping project with either an all new automatic sprinkler system install or with an upgrade to an existing system? Quite simply, an automated underground irrigation system requires digging below the surface. Just as a foundation is the first step in building a home (as the house sits atop its foundation), your new plantings sit above the irrigation system. To avoid any unnecessary damage to your new landscape elements, it’s a good idea to dig irrigation-pipe trenches, add zoned controllers and connect to the water source before planting are added.

An efficient irrigation system will extend the life of any landscape elements you add to your property. The proper amount of water for each plant helps ensure the health of your new plants for season after season to come. Most would agree there’s just about nothing worse than investing money, time, and effort into a beautifully renovated yard and, because of poor growing conditions, having to start the whole growing process over again the following year.

Save Time & Money

Some may be surprised to read this, but a properly working irrigation system is the #1 labor-saving device you can buy for your home. An automatic sprinkler system eliminates the need to endlessly drag hoses around your property – day after day – to water your grass, flowers, shrubs and other plants. Adequately hydrated lawns and garden beds rarely die – preventing the need for replacement. An automated irrigation system will maintain your yard – and save you valuable time, time that may be better spent enjoying your new outdoor space – versus time spent  maintaining it.

Another benefit of underground irrigation systems – is cost savings! Today’s irrigation systems can be paired with controllers that use wifi and internet technology to track and gauge how much water your yard needs depending on its “zone” at any given time. A zone is an area reached by a single sprinkler head or group of sprinkler heads based on the specific water needs of that area. For example, lower areas of your yard will naturally have water draining into it so, in turn, it will need less water than a more elevated area. Shady areas require less water than sunny areas; flower beds irrigation needs vary by plant type; and trees, shrubs and bushes also require a healthy amount of H2O. And, by ending overwatering scenarios (those times the sprinkler was left on overnight for example), you’ll also save money on your water bill while avoiding damage to your grass and other plantings!

Prepare for Spring with an Automated H2O System from Heinen

Ready to begin you own outdoor transformation? Don’t forget, an automated irrigation system installation from Heinen is your best assurance of longterm landscape success. Irrigation system consultations are booking quickly, so don’t hesitate!  Call today and the irrigation professionals at Heinen will have your plans  squared away just in time to start your spring outdoor renovation project!

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