Heinen Landscape & Irrigation has been taking care of Kansas’ Prairie Village residents for over 30 years – making them the pros at lawn care and sprinkler installations & maintenance. The knowledgeable staff at Heinen works with the most innovative, reliable, and highest quality products available to ensure your Prairie Village underground sprinkler system will have a trouble-free operation for years to come.

The secret to having healthy green grass starts with healthy soil, a strong root system, and an automatic irrigation system – which is especially important during those extra hot and dry Prairie Village summers.  The automatic underground sprinkler systems that Heinen installs save you money because as much as 50% of traditional sprinkler watering is wasted on run-off.

Ask Heinen about their partnership with Rachio, the leader in sprinkler technology that allows you to connect your sprinkler system to your smartphone. By being able to control your sprinkler from your smartphone, you can adjust your sprinklers from anywhere! Rachio also connects to the nearest national weather service so you will never witness your sprinklers watering in the rain again. Also, each zone of your Prairie Village yard will be customizable, so areas with grass will get the perfect amount of water as well as areas that have trees and shrubs.

Heinen Landscape

When you hire a Heinen irrigation professional, the designers take every variable into consideration when putting together your irrigation plan. A custom blueprint is carefully crafted together to take into account all of your yards needs. What type of soil do you have? Where are the sunny and shady parts? What parts are grass and what parts are tree/shrubs? These are just some of the questions that a Heinen pro will ask when designing your Prairie Village custom underground sprinkler system.

By providing the most water-efficient irrigation products will ensure that you maintain a beautiful and lush landscape that lasts for years. With an underground irrigation system professionally designed and installed by Heinen, you won’t have to work about keeping your Prairie Village landscape beautiful – it will do the work for you! Click here to learn more about what Heinen can do for your Prairie Village yard or call Debbie for more information (913) 362-8439.