Irrigation Kansas CityKansas City is known for its unpredictable weather. Once thing is for certain though – winter is around the corner and it’s only a matter of time before temperatures drop below freezing. And freezing temperatures means making sure your lawn is ready for these upcoming, chilly months and: it’s time to  winterize your irrigation system.

The Purpose of Winterizing an Irrigation System
The main goal of winterizing an irrigation system is to prevent broken pipes from frozen water left in the system. Since water expands when it freezes, not only are the irrigation system pipes at risk for damage, other irrigation system components like sprinklers heads, connectors and fittings, and water valves are also at risk. When shutting down your irrigation system an inspection can also be performed. Sprinkler heads can be examined for wear and tear from regular use and even damage from a lawnmower blade – and repairs can be made in the off-season before your system is needed again in the spring.

Keep Your Home Water Supply Safe with Backflow Protection
A useful accessory that may be installed on your irrigation system is a backflow protection device. Backflow protection is useful because it prevents soil contaminants from entering the tap water line which connects to your home. If one ’s irrigation system lacks the proper equipment, contaminants can invade the irrigation system’s pipes and flow into your home’s water system. When you have an effectively working backflow prevention device, this allows for contaminants and tap water to be separate from each other. But with cold weather comes the potential of this device freezing or becoming damaged. This can cause contaminants to seep into the tap water, thus making it dangerous for those who drink the water in the house. Once your irrigation system is properly shut down, this risk is avoided.

Count on Heinen – with over 35 Years Experience!
If you’re in need of experts winterizing and taking care of your irrigation systems look no further, Heinen can be of assistance. You can count on Heinen to ensure your irrigation system is properly winterized, and ready to work again in the spring (trust us, your lawn will thank you!). If you’re in need of an irrigation system shutdown and or service, call Debbie at Heinen at (913) 432-5011. She’ll get you scheduled well before winter has the chance to damage your system!