Hunter Industries is one of the irrigation industry’s leading manufacturers of sprinkler components and controllers, including the Hunter Pro-HC – a user-friendly Wi-Fi-enabled controller designed to use less water and save you money. Professional-grade equipment from Hunter makes managing irrigation easy and, its sturdy construction assures years of high-performance usage.

The Hunter Pro-HC Controller

The high-performance Hunter Pro-HC Controller.

The Hunter Pro-HC

This controller’s rugged design and construction make it one of the most reliable choices on the market. It can be installed indoors or out and can withstand even the most severe weather conditions.

Like Hunter’s other products, the Hunter Pro-HC is designed to be a flexible tool that can be customized to serve numerous irrigation scenarios. The Pro-HC can control 6, 12, or 24 watering zones, depending on the size of the property and its specific watering needs. Standard startup programming includes establishing up to six different irrigation programs, including varied seasonal start and duration times, allowing Hunter’s team of professionals to program a comprehensive annual watering schedule.

The Hunter Pro-HC also comes with two sensor ports that are fully compatible with Hunter’s collection of Clik® sensors, allowing even more customization based on specific property needs and the local climate. These sensors include rain and freeze detectors, which shut the sprinkler system down when either of these conditions occurs. Hunter also offers a soil sensor that measures moisture levels in the ground, automatically shutting down sprinklers when a set level is reached. This is especially useful if recent rains have kept soil relatively wet below the surface. The ability to customize the specific sensors needed expands Heinen’s irrigation pros’ abilities to create highly efficient and customized systems.

Hunter Hydrawise

Hydrawise is Hunter’s advanced water management software designed for both contractors and homeowners. This intuitive software has all the features irrigation specialists need to design effective watering schedules and a user-friendly interface that’s easy for homeowners with little to no irrigation experience to operate.

Hydrawise also includes Hunter’s innovative Predictive Watering™ feature, which takes automatic weather adjustments to an entirely new level. Predictive Watering™ assesses numerous environmental changes, such as rainfall and evaporation rates, in a single location to accurately determine the exact amount of water needed to hydrate the area’s grass and plants perfectly. Connected to an expansive national weather monitoring network, it’s like having a weather monitoring station directly associated with a customer’s property. And, as a bonus, the Hunter controller has also been proven to conserve water usage by up to 50%!

Hydrawise can be accessed from the customer’s mobile device, allowing the system to be monitored from anywhere Wi-Fi is available and settings may be adjusted at the touch of a button. Hunter’s professional irrigation team can also check customers’ systems remotely, ensuring all is working properly and making adjustments as needed. The application’s advanced reporting tools also track and share water usage and savings on a monthly basis.

In addition to its powerful scheduling capabilities, Hydrawise also monitors system operations and mechanics. Flow monitoring detects cracks or leaks in pipes, and the electrical current is continually tracked for high or low currents that may result in a valve failure. If either of these scenarios is detected an alert is sent instantly to both the customer and the irrigation team.

Ready to upgrade your current system controller to the new Hunter Pro-HC? Heinen can help! Whatever the make and model of the existing system, Heinen’s irrigation specialists can transform it into a watering and money-saving powerhouse!

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