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Not only can you expect an increase in the value of your residential or commercial property, but you can also be assured that your home landscape always looks its best.

Some benefits to installing a sprinkler irrigation system:

  • An automated system ensures that you don’t have to remember to water the yard – or move the sprinkler – or turn the sprinkler off.
  • A planned sprinkler irrigation system ensures that your lawn, plants, shrubs and trees get just the right amount of water;
  • You will reduce the risk of over-watering or under-watering your landscape.
  • Greener grass and healthier lawn and plants.
  • Save water. As much as 50% of water is wasted on run-off – an automatic sprinkler system can reduce this significantly.
  • You will get better results from our lawn fertilization and weed control program, if it is watered promptly and accurately.

Sprinkler Irrigation System Installation Services

When you invest in a home sprinkler system, professional installation is paramount. When you work with Heinen, experienced landscapers will come to your property and plan the sprinkler layout based on your current and potential future irrigation requirements.

Heinen Irrigation also keeps plans, notes and blueprints of all systems we install and collect what we can on those we service, to reduce repair expenses if ever needed.

Why Hire Heinen?

Installing a sprinkler system correctly is a complex task. It’s best to hire a professional with expertise in efficient sprinkler layout, hydraulics, soil types, and the water needs of various plants. Professional installation is also your key to a warranty, after-sale service, and long-term reliability

If you’re searching for a cost-effective, efficient and long-term landscape irrigation solution, from a reliable Kansas City company (with nearly 30 years in the business), then contact Heinen Irrigation and Landscape.

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Heinen Irrigation Quality EquipmentHeinen uses only the most innovative, reliable, and highest quality products available – quality components from top manufacturers including: Hunter, Rainbird, Febco, Rachio, Crestline, and MP Rotators.

Providing the most water-efficient irrigation products for a beautiful, lush landscape that lasts for years to come is our goal. Heinen has all of the necessary products needed for any well-designed irrigation system and are committed to generating the newest solutions to save you water and energy

Heinen Irrigation Hunter ControllerIf your landscape is a particular one, with its own quirky requirements, the Hunter Pro-C is just the controller to handle the job. No other controller has more flexibility in its programming options. Need multiple daily watering’s? How about 3 independent programs and 4 start times per program. Deep soaking needs? The Pro-C offers long station run times. Choose from day of the week, interval watering, true odd/even scheduling. There’s even an “event day off” feature that designates specified days of the week for non-watering (perfect for regular maintenance or special events).

There are a lot of rain-sensing devices on the market today, but all of them shut off an irrigation system only when a pre-set level of accumulated water is reached. That means even after it has started raining, a system will continue to operate, an action that can give the impression water is being wasted. Only the Hunter Rain-Clik products, with their unique Quick Response feature, allow an irrigation system to shut off immediately when it starts to rain.

Hunter is the world’s leading manufacturer of reliable, gear driven sprinklers for residential and commercial use. A system comprised exclusively of Hunter sprinklers, valves and controller ensures years of precise, trouble-free operation.

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Your automatic sprinkler system can be installed in just a few days, with minimal disruption to your existing landscape.

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