The Irrigation Association has declared July “Smart Irrigation Month” to spread awareness and provide education within the irrigation industry about water-saving technologies.

July is often the hottest month of the year, which leads to especially high water usage. As arguably Earth’s most essential – and precious! – resource, the conservation and efficient use of water is a top concern among irrigation professionals.

Leading manufacturers of irrigation equipment have come a long way in providing system designers with products that dramatically reduce waste by sprinkler systems. Homeowners may be under the impression that their own personal water use for irrigation is insignificant. However, according to the EPA, approximately 8 billion gallons of water are used by U.S. households for outdoor purposes daily. That’s why it’s important that everyone makes a good-faith effort to reduce water waste. Plus, reduced water usage = reduced water bills!

Hunter’s Pro-C Controller with customizable programming.

Smart Irrigation from Hunter

Hunter Industries, a leading manufacturer of irrigation equipment (and one of Heinen’s preferred partners), is continually developing new and innovative landscape irrigation products and technologies that improve sprinkler efficiency and conservation. Their extensive line of smart irrigation components allows underground sprinkler designers and installers ever more freedom in designing, installing, and upgrading highly efficient systems.

Hunter designs powerful and robust irrigation controllers for systems of all sizes, many with innovative features such as Automatic Short Circuit Protection, which detects electrical faults caused by wire failures and skips that station to save water. Other features allow systems to be fine-tuned, ensuring that every zone is watered based on sun exposure, slope, soil, plants, and more.

Hunter controllers are suitable for both home and commercial irrigation projects. The Hunter Pro-C, for instance, is highly preferred for its extensively customizable programming options and consumer-conscious design. Click here to learn more about the Hunter Pro-C controller.

The Hunter Solar Sync® Sensor.

Solar Sync® Sensor

Hunter’s Solar Sync® Sensor is an excellent tool for helping homeowners reduce their sprinkler system’s water use. Why water when it’s going to rain, right? The Solar Sync® Sensor can be paired with several of Hunter’s controllers to monitor weather conditions and modify sprinkler run times to hydrate lawns with exactly the right amount of water at exactly the right time.

It also measures solar radiation and temperature to calculate evapotranspiration (ET), or the combined loss of water from the Earth’s surface and released into the atmosphere from soil, plants, oceans, lakes, and rivers. Solar Sync® precisely measures the local microclimate, translates its ET rate into a percentage, and sends that information to the sprinkler’s controller – which then automatically adjusts the water need of each irrigation zone and the time required to meet that zone’s irrigation needs. Solar Sync® Sensors also detect rain and freezing temperatures, shutting down systems as indicated by those conditions.

Save Water and Money with Heinen

The irrigation experts at Heinen Landscape and Irrigation have been designing, installing, upgrading, and maintaining sprinkler systems in Kansas City for over 30 years. The team’s expertise in creating highly efficient systems has saved hundreds of homeowners thousands of hours of time, thousands of gallons of water, and thousands of dollars on would-be hose and sprinkler wastage on water bills. So, whether looking to install a new system or improve the efficiency of an existing one, the Heinen team is here to help!

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