The Rachio 3 Sprinkler Controller is more than meets the eye!

The Rachio 3 Controller

This innovative sprinkler controller holds the irrigation industry’s most advanced watering technology and transfers that power to the palm of your hand with a comprehensive and easy-to-use app. With just a few clicks, you have the power to make smart schedule adjustments, analyze water usage, skip watering sessions, and more!

Rachio created this controller with water efficiency at its forefront. When it comes to irrigation in the U.S., the EPA estimates that more than 50% of the water used is completely wasted due to factors like wind, evaporation, and run-off. To combat these issues, it is essential to build water-saving systems with components designed to use water efficiently. For the irrigation specialists at Heinen this means utilizing high-efficiency components that disperse water the most effectively – and when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, the Rachio 3 controller exceeds expectations.

Water Smarter with Rachio 3

Rachio is on a mission to optimize irrigation systems with powerful water-saving technology. In fact, the company is a Certified B Corp with a strong commitment to upholding the highest standards in environmental impact and transparency. With a Rachio 3 controller, every zone of your property is able to be individually customized based on its watering needs.

That means considering a number of different elements – soil and plant types, the type of nozzles used and how they disperse water, the zone’s sun exposure, and more. The ability to analyze each of these factors and how they affect the soil absorption rate allows the Rachio 3 controller to deliver the exact amount of water that the zone requires to stay lush and healthy. The controller’s “Smart Cycle” feature can be utilized to break watering sessions into smaller periods throughout the day to help ensure all water is properly absorbed and not wasted.

And the Rachio advantages don’t stop there. The Rachio 3 provides excellent moisture detection technology and is connected to a network of literally thousands of National Weather Service monitoring stations, sending the controller the most up-to-date real-time weather information available.

Rain, high winds, cold weather, whatever the conditions may be, the Rachio 3 tracks this and calculates how to adjust your personal system’s watering schedule. Not only will your Rachio 3 automatically skip watering sessions when rain is on the way, but it also retains and compares data on past, present, and projected future moisture levels, so your system will know just the right amount of water needed.

The incredible water-saving capacity of Rachio’s controllers has saved users over 50 billion gallons of water since 2014. It can be hard to picture how much water that really is. That’s around the same amount of water that flows over Niagara Falls in one week. Since Rachio controllers are able to reduce water usage in irrigation systems by at least 20%, they have earned the EPA WaterSense label, a designation that lets consumers know that this product has passed rigorous testing standards and can be trusted to legitimately save water. And while saving water is a great way to help protect the environment, it’s also a great way to help lower your water bill and save you money every month!

Outstanding Ease of Use

It may be hard to believe that a device with such advanced technology can also be user-friendly, but Rachio has made it possible with its super handy mobile app! While Heinen’s irrigation team professionally programs the app specifically for your property, you have the power to make your own real-time watering choices. Directly from your smartphone, you have the ability to make any adjustments thanks to the app’s flexible scheduling functions – including starting and stopping sprinklers whenever you like. The app will also show you metrics on how much water you have used and saved with your Rachio controller.

The Rachio app also sends real-time notifications to your phone, letting you know any time the controller skips a watering due to weather conditions. It will also alert you to any possible leaks or valve malfunctions, a nice feature since these are issues that most homeowners don’t notice, issues that can lead to huge losses of water and unsavory spikes in your water bill.

Smarter Irrigation Systems from Heinen

Whether you’ve been considering installing a new automatic sprinkler system or you’re unhappy with your current system’s performance, the turf pros at Heinen are Kansas City’s leading irrigation experts and are here to help! A Heinen-designed smart watering system built with premium sprinkler components, like the Rachio 3 controller, will keep your landscaping healthy and beautiful while saving you time, water, and money!

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