Spring is right around the corner for the Kansas City Metro, which means it’s time to get irrigation systems up and running. It may be tempting to simply open up the floodgates and let the water flow, but to get the best use out of your sprinkler system (and keep water bills low!), contact the irrigation specialists at Heinen to restart your system the right way.


The arcs of each sprinkler head are adjusted to provide optimal coverage.

Professional Sprinkler Startups

Efficiency is key when it comes to underground watering systems. Engaging a team of professionals to handle a sprinkler startup gets it on track for efficient seasonal watering from day one.

First, the team will inspect every component of the system, from the control box and the valves to each sprinkler head. The specialists will check for any damage that may have occurred last season or over the winter months, while the system was shut down and out of use. Sprinkler heads are especially prone to damage in the winter and often start the new season clogged or covered, preventing them from spraying correctly. This leads to improper coverage, leaving some turf or plantings underwatered, others oversaturated, and wasted money for water bills.

Properly setting the watering schedule prevents over- or under-watering.

Sprinkler systems rely on water pressure to function, and the amount of pressure needs to be carefully monitored. Too little means inadequate coverage, and too much risks damaging numerous system components. Pressure that is allowed to build up too quickly can create a water hammer, causing expensive repairs.

Once the pros ensure that a system is up and running, they will help coordinate a watering schedule for the upcoming season. They take into consideration weather patterns, as well as the specifics of the landscaping, to optimize the watering schedule, guaranteeing that plants and grasses get the exact right amount of hydration without wasting so much as a single drop of water.

Call the irrigation specialists at Heinen to get sprinklers back up and running in the spring, then rest assured knowing that the system is starting the season off right, with lush and healthy grounds and gardens ahead.

Call Debbie at Heinen Landscape & Irrigation at (913) 362-8439 to get your spring sprinkler startup on the books!