The First Hard Freeze has hit Kansas City – Time to Schedule your Sprinkler Winterization!

To properly protect and preserve the integrity of your irrigation system it’s essential to have it winterized before the ground freezes. The first hard freeze is a handy reminder to schedule a winterization for your irrigation system. Your underground sprinkler system continuously holds water in the pipes, even when it’s not running, and when the ground temperature drops below freezing that water is very likely to freeze as well.

As you know, water expands when it freezes – which is very bad news for irrigation systems. Pipes, as well as other components such as sprinkler heads, nozzles, connectors, and valves, are all susceptible to costly damages when this happens, whether that be from ice expansion or by the high system pressure created in the process. Even if your system manages to escape major initial damage from freezing water, frozen water can still severely weaken the system’s components – a condition that can lead to future breakage or other system failures.

A professional blowout from Heinen ensures all water is drained from an irrigation system.

Damage caused by freezing water is not only a major headache, but it may also be difficult to tell if an issue has occurred until spring arrives and you attempt to use your system again. Repairing a broken system can become expensive very quickly. And freeze damage can also sometimes cause undetectable “hidden” leaks, leaks that can silently waste water and cause unexpected spikes in your water bill.

Another issue with frozen system damage is that the damage may not be noticed until trying to use the system again in the spring, a time of year repair calls come flooding in along with new system installations – which means wait times for service can be especially long. In a nutshell, it’s best to avoid the possibility of frozen pipes and save the trouble and expense of system repairs by scheduling the winterization of your system today!

The Heinen irrigation team uses commercial-grade air compressors to completely perform system blowouts on residential and commercial irrigation systems.

Call Kansas City’s Top Irrigation Pros, Call Heinen!

While some homeowners choose attempt the DIY winterization route, the safest way to ensure your system is 100% drained and prepped for winter is to trust your system to those who know irrigation systems the best, the irrigation pros at Heinen! The Heinen irrigation specialists have years of experience working with a wide variety of systems and know the winterization needs for each one.

Heinen crews use specialized service tools and commercial-grade air compressors to perform seasonal sprinkler system blowouts. This assures that all water has been effectively and efficiently removed from the system. Simply allowing water drain to out manually inevitably leaves residual water behind, and even just a small amount of water left in a system can cause major damage.

When to Schedule System Winterization?

Sprinkler system winterization needs to happen before the ground freezes for the season. In Kansas City, this can be tough to predict as there are often many balmy days after the first “hard freeze” – so it’s no easy feat to nail down an accurate window when ground freeze will occur. Heinen’s irrigation pros recommend scheduling your winterization before Thanksgiving – allowing you to give your grass and plantings those last couple hydration sessions before they enter their winter dormancy phase without risking damage from ground freeze.

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