The seasons are changing. Scattered rays of sunlight emerge from cloudy skies, and luscious greenery is now eager to sprout once again! It’s true – your lawn has faced the abysmal effects from icy tundra conditions – but with a refreshing step-by-step landscape action plan (and a touch of TLC!), there’s no doubting your lawn’s prognosis for a full recovery and revitalization are a sure thing for this spring!

Spring Cleaning – Outdoors!

As temperatures rise in Kansas City and its surrounding communities – take advantage of the warmer weather by grabbing your lawn care tools and giving your property a once-over! Landscape quality is negatively affected by the buildup of debris and leaves. With an abundance of heavy snow this winter, you might notice a fair amount of broken limbs, sticks and twigs scattered around your property. There’s no time like the present to get them off the ground and into lawn and leaf bags for recycling. 

Bring Life Back to Your Soil

 Yard debris and dead spots from excessive snowfall could leave landscape soil compacted and even void of essential nutrients. Now is the time to remove thatch and aerate your lawn – giving those plant roots necessary airflow. Dethatching – using a thatching rake or power dethatcher – will dispose of dead grass clippings and unwanted weed growth. As springtime thunderstorms crash into town, dethatching also helps to promote yard drainage. 

Once this process is complete, you’ll want to aerate the lawn using a manual core aerator and loosen up the topsoil. Or, to ensure your property is aerated effectively, contact a Heinen Turf Pro to get the job done.

Fertilize for Lawn Health

Spring is the perfect time to apply fertilizer and start feeding your lawn! Deeper roots that form in spring aid in your yard’s long-term health and strength – especially when the dry season hits and when hot and humid temperatures arrive. The best fertilizers are generally the natural ones, marked with three numbers – for example, 5-10-5 or 10-10-10. These numbers represent the number of plant nutrients present: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. After adding fertilizer or seeding, don’t forget to water, water, water!

Water – the Key to a Thriving Lawn 

The most critical factor for lawn health is appropriate irrigation. After applying fertilizer to strengthen your turf and before plant life can become established, your landscape needs regular water to thrive. While rain is expected during the spring season, it usually comes in bursts that often run-off. To be healthy, your lawn needs consistent watering!

An automatic underground sprinkler system offers convenient watering with just the right amount of irrigation – with programmed on and off cycles. (And it beats hauling your hose and sprinkler from spot to spot all summer long!). No matter your location – Mission Hills, Old Leadwood, Fairway, Roeland Park, or Brookside – it’s easy to deliver the appropriate amount of irrigation based on each zone’s needs and conditions!

Regular Mowing is a Must 

Ensure and maintain superior lawn care throughout spring and summer by mowing your lawn in regular intervals. Your yard will benefit from this, as mowing thickens the grass and prevents weed growth. A first cut should be done when the blades of grass’s tip barely start to flop over. It is generally best to cut all lawns at 3,” and it is essential to cut sod at this height. Also, be sure to make sure the mower blade is sharp each time you mow. Remember – Your landscape is a living system, and all parts of the system need to work well for it to flourish.

Call Today – We’re on the Way!

It’s the perfect time to get back in action and kickstart your springtime plans and projects! If you need assistance with irrigation system installation, landscape maintenance or are simply interested in a few tips on beautifying your property – the Turf experts at Heinen are here to help guide you to success! Just call Debbie at Heinen to schedule a complimentary turf assessment today at (913) 432-5011!