Spring is here and there’s no time like the present to install a lawn irrigation system that has been custom designed specifically for your yard’s specific needs. And, if you contract to have the irrigation professionals at Heinen install an underground sprinkler system before May 1, Heinen will add a state of the art Rachio smart sprinkler controller – absolutely FREE!

With Rachio’s Water Intelligence™ system, you’ll never over-water or under-water your yard again. Imagine – Rachio connects directly to the nearest National Weather Service station and adapts watering automatically based on local weather conditions. Your sprinklers will never be spraying in the rain with Rachio.

e not having to go to the garage or basement to turn on or shut off your sprinklers. The Rachio controller connects by Wi-Fi to your smartphone – so you have full control of your irrigation system from the palm of your hand.

Why not pair your smart home with a smart yard? Heinen Irrigation pros will custom install the your Rachio phone app, setting up zones with easy-to-access fingertip touch control of each yard zone. If flower beds need and extra drink it’s easy to activate just that zone with a touch to your phone. And never over water your lawn. And, you may actually save water versus manual sprinklers by not overwatering by leaving sprinklers on overnight. Picture no more lugging hoses around your lawn this summer – isn’t it time to take your weekends back? Relax, unwind and enjoy your perfectly watered yard this spring – and all summer long.

This state of the art smart water system from Rachio also comes complete with wireless leak detection, leading smart sprinkler control and Water Intelligence ™. Looking for the perfect gift? This convenient and user-friendly system is a breeze to use and a super time saver for the busy people in your life.

Interested in an automatic sprinkler for your home? Don’t wait as our spring installation schedule in nearly full – and our free Rachio controller offer ends May 1st. Just call Debbie at (913) 362-8439 today to schedule a time for a Heinen Irrigation Pro to stop by and provide a no-obligation irrigation system estimate – customized just for you!