Now that it is officially fall, it is time to start planning your yard for winter. To avoid costly repairs and maintenance in the spring, it is best to have your irrigation system shut down before the first freeze. By doing this, it ensures that your pipes won’t break once the temperature gets down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winterizing your sprinkler system is a process that consists of allowing water lines to drain and then blowing out any remaining water with an air compressor. A certified Heinen Pro will help you locate the drains and make sure they are clear of water to help you prevent future maintenance.

This is also a great time to upgrade your system to the latest sprinkler and irrigation technology. Rachio is the best Smart Sprinkler Controller that gives you complete access to your sprinkler system from your phone. It communicates with local weather stations, automatically skipping a watering if rain is in the forecast and its real time notifications gives you a warning if it’s going to skip a watering or if there are any faulty valves. The app will let you customize up to 16 zones and will ask you about your trees, shrubs, grass, soil types, and sun exposure so you can get the perfect amount of watering while minimizing runoff.

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