According to, the Kansas City area is experiencing an “abnormally dry” season this winter. These dry conditions during the winter months can have a negative impact on many parts of your landscape.  As drought conditions continue we should expect parched yards to be more than a little shabby looking this spring.

To help your lawn be at its greenest this spring – and stay that way throughout Kansas City’s notoriously unpredictable summer weather season, you may want to consider having Heinen Landscape and Irrigation install an underground sprinkler system before spring arrives. Spring is a sensitive time for your grass and other plantings and it’s important to nurture it during this return from winter dormancy. And new grass must germinate and develop a strong root system before the hot dry summer.

A professionally installed automatic irrigation system from Heinen will deliver just the right amount of water at just the right times to keep thirsty grass, plants and trees healthy and thriving – not only this spring, but on through summer, fall and winter.

Heinen wants to give your lawn best results possible so we install quality systems – from top performing brands like Rainbird and Hunter – and partner with leader in cutting-edge sprinkler controller technology, Rachio.

Did you know that as much as 50% of water is wasted with traditional automatic sprinklers? By having Heinen install a new irrigation system – or upgrade your current system with new rotor heads from MP Rotators and a Rachio smart controller this water waster will drop significantly.

Older automatic sprinkler systems are usually set to run for a fixed time and then automatically shut off. The Rachio sprinkler controller connects to the closest National Weather Service center and keeps moment-by-moment track of local conditions and adjusts accordingly – so you’ll never again see your sprinklers on in the rain!

Or if it’s going to be dry, your Rachio sprinkler controller will make sure your yard gets a little extra H2O-TLC! Also, each zone of your yard is customizable, so areas with grass will get the perfect amount of water as well as areas that have trees and shrubs. The Rachio controller also comes with a Wi-Fi controller app that connects to your smartphone. This gives you control of your sprinklers no matter where you are!

Make sure your yard is ready this spring and help it recover from drought by calling Heinen ­– KC’s experts in irrigation, lawn care and lawn maintenance. Just call Debbie at (913) 362-8439 and to set up your appointment with Heinen today!