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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift From Heinen

By May 17, 2017 No Comments

Tired of watching your dad drag hoses around or yard? How about when he forgets to turn off the sprinkler? Or- just as bad- forgetting to turn on the sprinkler. If this sounds familiar then get dad a new sprinkler system for Father’s Day.

When you invest in a home sprinkler system, professional installation is paramount. When you work with Heinen, experienced landscapers will come to your property and plan the sprinkler layout based on your current and potential future irrigation requirements. Heinen provides the most water-efficient irrigation products for a beautiful, lush landscape that lasts for years to come.

Some benefits to installing a sprinkler irrigation system:

  • An automated system ensures that you don’t have to remember to water the yard – or move the sprinkler – or turn the sprinkler off.Heinen Irrigation
  • A planned sprinkler irrigation system ensures that your lawn, plants, shrubs and trees get just the right amount of water;
  • You will reduce the risk of over-watering or under-watering your landscape.
  • Greener grass and healthier lawn and plants.
  • Save water. As much as 50% of water is wasted on run-off – an automatic sprinkler system can reduce this significantly.
  • You will get better results from our lawn fertilization and weed control program, if it is watered promptly and accurately.

Help dad get his weekends and evenings back. Contact us today for a free estimate.